Most Inappropriate Playgrounds

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 2:50 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Whale Of A Good Time

Looks like this whale is ready for some fun as the little whale positions itself under its tail. For kids, it's a fun ride down the green slide, but for adults looking at it, they can only wonder why it was made this way. Sometimes it seems like it's done on purpose, because it impossible that the designers didn't know the result.

Whale Of A Good Time-Most Inappropriate Playgrounds

2.Grated Child

So you bring your child to the park and he slides down the slide. What happens at the bottom? Do you want him grated thickly or a fine texture. If this is real, this is pretty strange, and has to hurt. Looks like someone was having fun with photoshop on this one.

Grated Child-Most Inappropriate Playgrounds

3.Well Endowed Clown

Maybe there's a reason why clowns are always smiling. It seems this guy is well endowed and is proud of it. Letting it all hang out for boys and girls to have a thrill ride, but at what cost. Any parent looking on would see this right away and either laugh or run with, their children, far from this park.

Well Endowed Clown-Most Inappropriate Playgrounds

4.Caught In The Middle

This one can be taken in a variety of ways. If this is a female giraffe, well then this little guy is surrounded by breasterly love, but if it's a male giraffe ... umm, well, you know. What do the designers of playground think when they are designing these creatures for children? One has to wonder.

Caught In The Middle-Most Inappropriate Playgrounds

5.Squatting Giraffe

This probably looked like a great idea on paper, but the hole in the middle of the giraffe's underside, is just not well positioned. Looking like the giraffe is squatting and pooping out children, it's a funny site for most people. Even children will get this one, and get a chuckle out of it.

Squatting Giraffe-Most Inappropriate Playgrounds

6.From Behind

A child's play ride at a playground has gone from innocent to obscene. When climbing the ladder and waiting to slide down, we can't help but notice that the dragon seems to be assuming the position to be penetrated for her own kind of fun. Did the creators know what they were building?

From Behind-Most Inappropriate Playgrounds

7.Ride The Snake

An innocent child on an innocent playground ride, but when the camera catches it at a certain angle, it looks pretty darn fallic. This is forced perspective photography at its best and this little boy will soon come to know exactly how it appeared to adults who saw him on that apparatus that day.

Ride The Snake-Most Inappropriate Playgrounds

8.Human Animal Centipede

For anyone who has seen the movie, Human Centipede, this playground ride is all too familiar. However, instead of sewing humans mouth to butt, this ride has humans and animals connected together by a metal tube, mouth to butt. Who thought this was a good idea to build on a children's playground?

Human Animal Centipede-Most Inappropriate Playgrounds

9.Butt It's Fun

Did this elephant just poop out a child, or is this child trying to climb into the elephant's butt? Either way, who designed this atrocity? It couldn't have been a blunder, the tube is bright orange and so obvious. Maybe the creators thought it was a funny way to teach children about anatomy.

Butt It's Fun-Most Inappropriate Playgrounds

10.Crime Scene

This little girl, and her parents too, don't see to notice that she is playing hopscotch ona drawing of a dead body. It makes since since there are hopscotch games etched out in chalk right near it, but it seems anything with squares on it is fair game for youngsters who are innocent to the crimes of the world.

Crime Scene-Most Inappropriate Playgrounds

11.See You Next Tuesday

It seems the designers of this playground toy didn't realize the way some of the letters might come together, and the children probably won't either. However, some teenagers hanging out in the playground will most likely get quite the chuckle out of some of the words they can form here.

See You Next Tuesday-Most Inappropriate Playgrounds

12.Just The Tip

To a child, this looks like any other bouncy slide in a playground, but to dirty minded adults, we see something else. Looking like the tip of a penis, we can't help but laugh and imagine we are on the inside watching it come in. Thankfully, kids would never notice that mistake in design.

Just The Tip-Most Inappropriate Playgrounds



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