12 Best Roast Me Posts On Reddit Ever

Tuesday, Jul 5, 2022, 12:46 pm
By:James Fraser

If you haven't checked Roast Me subreddit on Reddit yet, you are probably missing a lot of fun. "Roast Me" is a hilarious subreddit where people post their photos asking redditors to roast them with vicious comments. If you ever wonder what it feels like to be bullied, just take a selfie, post it there, and watch Reddit trolls leaving highly insulting yet hilarious feedback! Don't forget to hold a sign that reads /R/RoastMe as a token of consent.  If you are someone who gets offended easily, "Roast Me" isn't a great place for you. However, if you love dark humor, check these 12 Reddit Roast Me posts that are way too hilarious!
1.This Savage Comment

"You should have held up that sign during your mom's ultrasound, and saved everyone a lot of trouble." 
What a way to start this topic! We don't think that person could get roasted in any better way than this. Anyway, if someone looks as weird as this person in the picture, they are definitely going to receive mean comments. The Reddit user "MyRighteousAss" delivered an amazing "burn" that would scar the victim in photo for life! We are sure someone might have gifted them gold for the ultimate roast. 

This Savage Comment-12 Best Roast Me Posts On Reddit Ever

2.This Poor Girl

"I bet you got a freckle for each time you got fucked in college." 
Well, this is another mean comment! Hey, wait, aren't we here only to read such awful reactions? If you ask people to make fun of you, they are definitely going to talk about your weaknesses. This vile comment is nasty enough to make that girl feel depressed, but remember, its she who posted her picture requesting redditors to roast her. Nonetheless, freckles aren't always as bad as many people think. 

This Poor Girl-12 Best Roast Me Posts On Reddit Ever

3.This Hilarious Comment

"Pillsbury dough is supposed to be baked, not roasted." 
With that being said, that Reddit user successfully managed to roast the white guy with glasses! The roast wasn't as offensive as their username, though! The way the guy's face was compared to dough was hilarious. White men often get insulting yet funny remarks about their pale skin. A bit of tan and beard can save them from racial slurs, but then again, people like the one in the picture prefers retaining their natural appearance. 

This Hilarious Comment-12 Best Roast Me Posts On Reddit Ever


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