Hilarious Email Blunders

Friday, Jul 1, 2022, 1:12 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Emails Can Be Undone

We all make mistakes, this apology might be a little more professional than most. It seems then mistakenly sent emails can be rectified after-all?

Emails Can Be Undone-Hilarious Email Blunders


Perhaps this email stalker should understand that after 6 months and 15 emails this person really is not interested and this has been filed under the wrong List.

Stalker!-Hilarious Email Blunders

3.What A Cheek

I guess we have to make the best of the hand we are dealt? That is a definite if you ask Ajani Erkson because surely that has to be one of the most unfortunate email addresses possible?

What A Cheek-Hilarious Email Blunders

4.Business and Pearl Jam

Not the greatest email if you consider that it is a business email and has been sent to a distribution list. Highly unprofessional.

Business and Pearl Jam-Hilarious Email Blunders

5.Check the Forward Button First

Always check who you are adding onto your forward list. It really can get sticky and it can also end up really annoying anybody and everybody that gets dragged into it.

Check the Forward Button First-Hilarious Email Blunders

6.A Teacher Wrote this?

It is no wonder our kids cannot spell. Hopefully this was not an English teacher. Hopefully this person resigns from any teaching at all.

A Teacher Wrote this?-Hilarious Email Blunders

7.Those Pesky Scam Mails

Of course Yahoo is free. Always avoid emails that offer a link for credit card transactions and updates. This scam catches people everyday, but the ones linked to some Nigerian prince are always hilarious.

Those Pesky Scam Mails-Hilarious Email Blunders

8.To Whom?

When sending an email to Rick try not to send it to Jack. Or maybe it was an email to Jack and they called him Rick? Confused? So are Rick and Jack.

To Whom?-Hilarious Email Blunders

9.The Tough World Of Hacking

Well this email conversation is certainly different from the norm, but it is still funny when you read every part of it. You do wonder what the threats would actually involve though.

The Tough World Of Hacking-Hilarious Email Blunders

10.Emails at a Glance

What would happen if someone else chanced upon this email? No doubt they'd change their view of poor old Marc. The item was in fact a cocktail shaker.

Emails at a Glance-Hilarious Email Blunders

11.Pay In Kind

Some mails are just too hilarious for words. He might have a point, perhaps his spider would sell for $233.95. It could take a long lawsuit and months to find out before this company knows for sure!

Pay In Kind-Hilarious Email Blunders


Whoever received this CV from a Vanessa might have been pretty shocked to see a grinning Nicolas Cage at the bottom. Mistakes do happen.

Oops!-Hilarious Email Blunders



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