Crazy Stories Which Are Real

Sunday, Jul 10, 2022, 9:58 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Flying book

In the 1920s, Anne Parrish came across her favorite book in a shop in Paris. This book was one she had loved as a child, but as her husband flicked through it he noticed that inside was an inscription stating her name and address back in Colorado Springs. Somehow she had managed to find her childhood book thousands of miles away.

Flying book-Crazy Stories Which Are Real

2.Shot dead

In 1883, a guy broke up with his girlfriend who was then so upset she killed herself. Her brother then tried to shoot her boyfriend, and after believing he had done so he killed himself. However, the bullet had just grazed the guy and was stuck in a tree. Years later he tried to cut down the tree, used dynamite to blow it up, and the bullet flew out and killed him.

Shot dead-Crazy Stories Which Are Real

3.Found in hotels

An American reporter was in a hotel in the UK in 1953 covering the Coronation. In a drawer he found items belonging to a basketball player he knew personally. However, prior to being able to tell him about his finds he received a letter from the same player stating how he had been in a hotel room in Paris and in a drawer found something with the reporters name on it.

Found in hotels-Crazy Stories Which Are Real

4.Freaky names

On a train in Peru in the 1920's there were only three men in the carriage. All three were English, but the most surprising part was that one was called Bingham, another was called Powell, and the third one was called Bingham-Powell, but none of them were related to one another or knew one another in any way.

Freaky names-Crazy Stories Which Are Real

5.Mysterious monk

In the 19th century, Joseph Aigner tried several times to kill himself over a number of years, but each time he was thwarted by the same monk. Ironically, when he finally managed to kill himself his [email protected] ended up being run by that same monk that had saved his life a number of times previously.

Mysterious monk-Crazy Stories Which Are Real

6.Head bangers

After heavy fog came down, two German drivers found themselves in hospital after a head on collision. However, the head on collision was because they were both driving slowly with their heads out the window and bashed heads resulting in them both ending up in hospital.

Head bangers-Crazy Stories Which Are Real

7.Run over

Believe it or not, but there was a guy in Northern Ireland who managed to survive being run over four times just one after the other and managed to live to tell the tale. This all happened in front of a crowd who of course just stood back in absolute amazement at the fact he only had a few broken bones.

Run over-Crazy Stories Which Are Real

8.Man in a postcard

After their father died, a couple of relatives were flying for his [email protected] They stopped off for a connecting flight and in the shop in the airport found a postcard which just happened to show their father walking along the beach near to where he had just died.

Man in a postcard-Crazy Stories Which Are Real

9.Stones in trees

A hunter in Indiana came across a massive boulder in a tree. The boulder was arrow shaped and weighed around 500lbs and it was 35ft up in the air. Another four large boulders were found in similar circumstances, but there had been no storm or explosion, so how they got there was a mystery.

Stones in trees-Crazy Stories Which Are Real

10.In a spin

In China a girl was picked up by a whirlwind and left on top of a tree almost two miles away. She was completely unhurt, but it was as if she was just lifted up by her parent and left there where it was safe. Another example in China includes 13 children being deposited 12 miles away on sand dunes.

In a spin-Crazy Stories Which Are Real

11.Strange balloons

A young girl in the UK released a balloon on her grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. In it she had a note asking the person that found the balloon to write back to her. The balloon landed 140 miles away, but it was found by a girl that shared the same name, number of pets, and the same age as the original sender.

Strange balloons-Crazy Stories Which Are Real

12.Respectful bees

After a beekeeper in England died, people were amazed to see that a swarm of bees settled on the actual corner of the street where she had lived for over 25 years. They stayed there for an hour before then flying off and all of this happened just after her [email protected] had taken place.

Respectful bees-Crazy Stories Which Are Real



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