Amazing 3d Paper Drawings

Tuesday, Aug 25, 2020, 9:10 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Super Mario

Everybody loves Super Mario and this drawing really is superb. You feel as if he could just start running and jumping around at any minute with the way that he has been lifted off the piece of paper, but of course it is all about angles and he is very, very flat. Any fan would love to own this. Picture drawn by Hide.

Super Mario-Amazing 3d Paper Drawings


OK so this is quite an evil looking elf, but the drawing itself is outstanding as you feel that he really is sitting on this kind of branch with his hand resting on something. Clearly this is all about angles, but you wonder how long it took the artist to perfect this kind of drawing resulting in something that really is outstanding. Drawn by Hide.

Elf-Amazing 3d Paper Drawings


You can almost feel as if the person sitting on the edge of this well could fall in and you wonder how deep it is until you reach the bottom. Even the steps appear to be lifting off the page and the artist responsible for this is really a master at their art. It does not need color and indeed color may ruin the effect as you just have to sit and marvel at it. Picture drawn by Fredo

Well-Amazing 3d Paper Drawings

4.Eiffel tower

Would you believe that this is just a drawing on paper? It looks like it is an actual model that is standing all on its own, but it is all done on two sheets of paper with one angled up the wall to create the effect. This really is outstanding and you just cannot help but stare at it for ages. Picture drawn by Muhammad

Eiffel tower-Amazing 3d Paper Drawings


As soon as you look at this drawing you feel as if you can put your hand under the tongue as it really does feel as if it is sticking out above the paper. This is one of those drawings where you look at it time and time again and your eyes still cannot work out what it is looking at with the result being that your brain is completely confused. Drawing by Hide

Tongue-Amazing 3d Paper Drawings


This drawing is so clever because it just makes it look like the hand has indeed lost a finger, but it is all done by pencil on paper. How they have managed to get it looking so life like is amazing, but it does have a bit of the shock factor when you look at it for the first time. Oh and there are six fingers as well.

Finger-Amazing 3d Paper Drawings

7.Wooden man

How cool is this drawing of the wooden man coming out of the paper on the desk? The way in which he appears to be pulling back the lines on the page really does just add to the overall impact of the drawing and the fact that it is actually all flat on the paper shows how talented the artist is in order to achieve this end result. Drawn by Muhammad

Wooden man-Amazing 3d Paper Drawings

8.Mickey Mouse

Everybody loves Mickey Mouse, but this 3D drawing really is a fantastic example thanks to the way in which he does stand out from the page making it appear as if he has managed to come alive. The color in the drawing does just add to it and it is so much better than a normal cartoon sketch making this one of the coolest Mickey drawings you will see. Drawn by Hide

Mickey Mouse-Amazing 3d Paper Drawings


This drawing on its own is relatively simple, but the way in which the spectacles have been used to further enhance the 3D effect really has worked. You do feel as if that little character is standing up, bent over, and looking back at you, so the artist has done an amazing job with such a small and intricate drawing.

Alien-Amazing 3d Paper Drawings

10.The bug

There is so much going on in with this drawing that you basically forget that it is simply a sketch on a piece of paper. Yes they do use the wall to help with the effect, but you have to admire the skill that has gone into producing something as good as this and you are just waiting for that creature to come after you as well. Picture drawn by WF

The bug-Amazing 3d Paper Drawings

11.3d Curve

Do you just look at this and find your brain doubting what your eyes are picking up? If this is indeed the case you are not alone and in actual fact this is what the artist is wanting to happen in the first place. The way in which the drawing comes off the page is unbelievable and it shows the real skill that they have to produce something as good as this. Picture drawn by WF

3d Curve-Amazing 3d Paper Drawings


How stunning is this drawing? The way in which they have put that toy car on just to help with the 3D effect really does mean that it plays with your mind and you forget that it is simple drawn on a piece of paper. How they have managed to get the angles spot on like this is something that most people cannot grasp, but ultimately it is a drawing that you just have to admire.

Monsters-Amazing 3d Paper Drawings



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