15 Most Bizarre Themed Weddings Ever

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 7:08 am
By:James Fraser

Bizarre themed weddings are quite popular nowadays. A wedding is unarguably one of the life's most beautiful moments. Couples remember those happy moments for a very long time. No wonder they put a lot of effort to make their wedding day special. We keep getting wedding invitations throughout the year from our friends, coworkers or family members. Most weddings are formal, and the couples don't try to do anything extraordinary. However, a few couples do it the other way. They choose bizarre wedding themes just to stand out. Have you ever attended such strange weddings? No? Check these 15 most bizarre themed weddings ever!
1.This Star Wars Themed Wedding

A bridge, groom, two stormtroopers and Darth Vader. What more do you need for a Star Wars themed wedding? By the way, who is marrying whom in this Star Wars marriage? It looks like Darth Vader is having a good time with the bride. The bride seems to be enjoying the moment too.
This Star Wars Themed Wedding-15 Most Bizarre Themed Weddings Ever


2.Peter Pan and Tinker Bell Wedding

Peter Pan and Tinker Bell are previous generation characters many people may remember. Though choosing movie or cartoon-based themes isn’t a new thing, this couple has selected a ‘Peter Pan’ concept which is really moving. Both bride and groom look very pretty in those green Peter Pan and Tinker Bell Fairy costumes.
Peter Pan and Tinker Bell Wedding-15 Most Bizarre Themed Weddings Ever


3.A Journey to Knighthood

This is another interesting and bizarre wedding theme as a gay couple is welcomed by men dressed as medieval knights. The greenery, stone arches and the knights made this marriage a unique one. 
A Journey to Knighthood-15 Most Bizarre Themed Weddings Ever



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