24 Funniest Women Logic

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 5:35 pm
By:Tony Williams

After years of studies, Scientists and men around the world are yet to understand women. They are probably the most complicated yet so simple creatures at times. Among all the studies done by most men around the world, These 24 women logic seems to be common among women. Hope you enjoy it as much I did writing it.
1.But you mentioned it??

So women give you two options and you choose the wrong one, which always happens, and then suddenly they comment how they do not like that option anyway. Why give it to us then??? It just feels like a trap.

But you mentioned it??-24 Funniest Women Logic
2.But you are ignoring me??

You see if a guy is being told that he is being ignored, then he will not bother talking because what is the point? However, it seems that we end up getting into trouble for doing that as well such is the bizarre nature of women.

But you are ignoring me??-24 Funniest Women Logic

3.Oh a sale is different

Yep this is an annoying one because if something is on sale, then suddenly they need it and it is a bargain, but they would scoff at it if that was the normal price. That is just a strange shopping logic.

Oh a sale is different-24 Funniest Women Logic

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