Worst Moms Ever

Monday, Jul 11, 2022, 10:00 am
By:Tony Williams

1.porn Fan

This mother doesn't care what her little boy is holding as long as he is quiet. Some mothers stick anything in their baby's hands just so they won't cry and disturb their peace. Obviously, this mother is proud of the fact that her kid is holding up a porn video. Maybe she stars in it.

porn Fan-Worst Moms Ever

2.Scarred For Life

This little boy is probably scarred for life after seeing his mother's pose from the viewpoint he has. Why on earth would any mother dress like that in front of their child and then take a picture. Growing up with these values is sure to send him down a path that can lead to no good.

Scarred For Life-Worst Moms Ever

3.sexy Selfie

Let me climb up on my bathroom counter to be sure to get my cr0tch in my selfie, while my little child is taking bath. They won't notice because they don't have eyes or a mind. They are just plaything to just show off to your friends when you fee like it, but now it's sexy time.

sexy Selfie-Worst Moms Ever

4.Television Addict

How many mothers out there would rather their kid spend hours watching television so that they can do what they like, such as talk on the phone, their social networks or paint their nails. They don't even bother to check what their children are watching either. Kids have the remote and can be watching r-rated movies at the press of a button.

Television Addict-Worst Moms Ever

5.Cr0tch Grabber

This is nice, isn't it? A little girl mimicking her disgusting mother who is grabbing her cr0tch and simulating oral sex on a woman. The little girl is already knowing how to make the rock and roll sign and seems to be in her underwear. Trailer trash party to the extreme.

Cr0tch Grabber-Worst Moms Ever

6.Shoveling Toddler

Some mothers are just so lazy. Here we've got a mother reading while her little girl shovels the driveway. Hopefully it's a joke, but not always. There are mothers out there who are so self absorbed that they only care about how they look and are only interested in their iPhones, FaceBook and their tabloid magazines.

Shoveling Toddler-Worst Moms Ever

7.Feeling Up Mom

If this were a picture of a father with his little girl's hand on his private parts, the law would be at his door in seconds flat. It's atrocious that this mother thinks nothing of having her child hang onto her breast while she snaps a photo. He is obviously too old to be breast feeding.

Feeling Up Mom-Worst Moms Ever

8.Hitting The Bong

Nothing like smoking weed in front of your baby and having them inhale your second hand smoke, but to actually have them put their mouth on the bong is pure child abuse. Why do mothers insist on doing these kinds of things in front of their kids and then wonder why they go bad when they grow up?

Hitting The Bong-Worst Moms Ever

9.Pole Dancer

Oh this mother has great aspirations for her little girl. Get her on the pole early so she is a pro by the time she is a teenager. The fishnets really hammer it homes too. Who knew they sold baby fishnets, or did this mother just put her own on the little baby. So gross.

Pole Dancer-Worst Moms Ever

10.Take My sexy Picture

Worse than taking a sexy selfie in front of your child is having your child take the photo, if you are half naked. What message is this woman sending to her pre-teen girl? She could have found a friend to do it, or take a selfie in the privacy of her own bathroom. A young impressionable girl shouldn't see her mother dressed this way and posed this way anyway.

Take My sexy Picture-Worst Moms Ever

11.Bikini Selfie

Note to all mothers who take selfies. It's cool that you want to be sexy, and maybe even send a sexy picture to your man, but can't you wait until you child is out of the room. Having him face the wall is not good enough, he has peripheral vision, you know.

Bikini Selfie-Worst Moms Ever


Is it really appropriate to place a tramp stamp on your baby? Even though it's probably a stick on, we hope it's a stick on, it's still in poor taste. What will this mother say when her little girl gets a real tramp stamp in about ten years time? Probably nothing, if this is an indication of her values.

Mooning-Worst Moms Ever



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