Worst Moms Ever

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 10:00 am
By:Tony Williams

1.porn Fan

This mother doesn't care what her little boy is holding as long as he is quiet. Some mothers stick anything in their baby's hands just so they won't cry and disturb their peace. Obviously, this mother is proud of the fact that her kid is holding up a porn video. Maybe she stars in it.

porn Fan-Worst Moms Ever
2.Scarred For Life

This little boy is probably scarred for life after seeing his mother's pose from the viewpoint he has. Why on earth would any mother dress like that in front of their child and then take a picture. Growing up with these values is sure to send him down a path that can lead to no good.

Scarred For Life-Worst Moms Ever

3.sexy Selfie

Let me climb up on my bathroom counter to be sure to get my cr0tch in my selfie, while my little child is taking bath. They won't notice because they don't have eyes or a mind. They are just plaything to just show off to your friends when you fee like it, but now it's sexy time.

sexy Selfie-Worst Moms Ever

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