Worst Moms Ever

Monday, Jul 11, 2022, 10:00 am
By:Tony Williams

4.Television Addict

How many mothers out there would rather their kid spend hours watching television so that they can do what they like, such as talk on the phone, their social networks or paint their nails. They don't even bother to check what their children are watching either. Kids have the remote and can be watching r-rated movies at the press of a button.

Television Addict-Worst Moms Ever
5.Cr0tch Grabber

This is nice, isn't it? A little girl mimicking her disgusting mother who is grabbing her cr0tch and simulating oral sex on a woman. The little girl is already knowing how to make the rock and roll sign and seems to be in her underwear. Trailer trash party to the extreme.

Cr0tch Grabber-Worst Moms Ever

6.Shoveling Toddler

Some mothers are just so lazy. Here we've got a mother reading while her little girl shovels the driveway. Hopefully it's a joke, but not always. There are mothers out there who are so self absorbed that they only care about how they look and are only interested in their iPhones, FaceBook and their tabloid magazines.

Shoveling Toddler-Worst Moms Ever