Worst Lady Gaga Outfits

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 7:34 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.A good face covering

This outfit looks like she is going to be going to be tortured with the way it is wrapped around her face and the sad part is that she has managed to turn a nice outfit into one that just looks crazy. Why did she decide to wrap her face up in this manner?

A good face covering-Worst Lady Gaga Outfits

2.Is Michael Jackson alive?

This outfit does indeed make her look like Michael Jackson in a strange kind of way and who in their right mind would go and wear teeth like this in the first place? A lot of what she wears does not make sense and this is one of those outfits.

Is Michael Jackson alive?-Worst Lady Gaga Outfits

3.Scarier than usual

With this outfit Lady Gaga looks even scarier than usual and that is really saying a lot when you consider some of the things that she has been guilty of wearing. In this instance it is more her face that is scary because she looks absolutely demented.

Scarier than usual-Worst Lady Gaga Outfits

4.A bit hit and miss

This outfit is a bit hit and miss because the main body part is fine, but then the shoes, glasses, and arms just go wild and totally throw out the balance of the entire thing. It looks like she is wearing cheerleader pompoms on her arms.

A bit hit and miss-Worst Lady Gaga Outfits

5.An artists palette

This outfit will remind you of looking at an artists palette after they have finished painting because it just looks like so much paint has been thrown on there and then she has just walked out wearing it. There is just no rhyme or reason to this outfit whatsoever.

An artists palette-Worst Lady Gaga Outfits

6.What a set of shoulder pads

Well that is what you call a pair of shoulder pads because boy are they massive. Forget the fact that the outfit is glitter gone mad because that puts American Football protection to shame.

What a set of shoulder pads-Worst Lady Gaga Outfits

7.Tartan overload

This really is just tartan overload and is there actually any need for those swirls that are going around her? It just looks like she has been playing with tartan hula hoops and they have melted and she has got stuck inside them.

Tartan overload-Worst Lady Gaga Outfits

8.Not much left

There is not a lot we can say about this outfit since there is not a lot of the outfit to comment on. All that is left to say is that at least her shells were big enough.

Not much left-Worst Lady Gaga Outfits

9.It's erm glittery, and a wedding dress?

This is the kind of outfit where you just have to look at it and settle on the fact that it is very, very strange and there is no way you will understand her thinking behind wearing it. Why did she even go to the extent of wearing those blue tinted glasses?

It's erm glittery, and a wedding dress?-Worst Lady Gaga Outfits

10.The ring neck

The one thing you could say about this outfit is that the ring around the neck is so big that you feel it would save her from drowning if she fell in some water. There is no way that this can be comfortable to wear unless she has absolutely no feeling at all in her body.

The ring neck-Worst Lady Gaga Outfits

11.It's not even Halloween

The first thing that we need to say about this outfit is that it looks as if the skirt has been through a shredder, but with her inside and that would explain why her face is so white. The second thing is that this is not even Halloween, but she is scarier than all of the ghosts that go around at that time of the year.

It's not even Halloween-Worst Lady Gaga Outfits

12.Hazard tape

This outfit looks like she has rolled in some hazard tape and it has stuck on her and that is why she is not looking that happy. Either that or she wants to mate with a wasp.

Hazard tape-Worst Lady Gaga Outfits

13.Every color in the rainbow

This is the kind of outfit that even the 80's would have rejected and when you think about the things that people wore back then that tells you how bad this is. There is just far too much going on for its own good.

Every color in the rainbow-Worst Lady Gaga Outfits

14.Just so much wrong

There really is so much wrong with this outfit that you have no idea where you could even begin. The lips are strange, the hat looks like somebody has crushed a reed basket, the boots do not go with the rest of the outfit and it appears as if she would struggle to breathe. Apart from that she is good to go.

Just so much wrong-Worst Lady Gaga Outfits

15.Deceiving the eyes

Well this outfit certainly knows how to deceive the eyes since you see the pink outline of the outfit as well as the blue and then her head sticking up. It is bright and typically Gaga.

Deceiving the eyes-Worst Lady Gaga Outfits

16.Oh look..Bigfoot

This must be what Bigfoot actually looks like and it was nice of her to show us while she was on stage. This just cannot be comfortable to wear when you are trying to sing and dance.

Oh look..Bigfoot-Worst Lady Gaga Outfits

17.Lady in red

The only bad part about this outfit is that she was still able to talk through it and clearly that is something that a lot of people would be upset about. What is the actual point in this outfit and why does she appear to have a hat from a Christmas cracker?

Lady in red-Worst Lady Gaga Outfits

18.Just shrug your shoulders

What can you say about this? It looks like she has stuck her head in a bale of straw and now needs surgery to remove the last remnants of it. Is there any way that this can actually look good on somebody because it certainly looks strange on her and that is saying something.

Just shrug your shoulders-Worst Lady Gaga Outfits

19.A cowboy..Gaga style

That hat is just something else because it is like a cartoon cowboy that has been drawn by somebody that hit enlarge and never realized. It tells you a lot when a hat manages to take your eyes away from that orange/peach outfit.

A cowboy..Gaga style-Worst Lady Gaga Outfits

20.The infamous meat dress

This is the dress that really helped to propel her into stardom as it was so controversial and you can understand why. She may think she looks nice, but it looks like she has been in an accident with a butchers counter and the counter won.

The infamous meat dress-Worst Lady Gaga Outfits

21.The bubble dress

You know when you get bubble wrap and you cannot help but pop the bubbles no matter what age you are? Well the only good thing about this dress is imagining what it would be like if you could pop those bubbles. Apart from that it is just an insane dress.

The bubble dress-Worst Lady Gaga Outfits

22.Too many folds

This outfit looks like she is wearing three of the same kind, but in different sizes. That does not then take into account the thing on her head because that just seems to have a life of its own.

Too many folds-Worst Lady Gaga Outfits

23.A Christmas tree hat

Yes that is actually a Christmas tree on her head and you have to say that it is now impossible for anybody to come up with a stranger hat than that. What the orange dress signifies is unknown, but she is now acting like a beacon to keep Father Christmas away.

A Christmas tree hat-Worst Lady Gaga Outfits

24.Poor kermit

You have to feel sorry for Kermit in being associated with Lady Gaga in this way and the amazing thing is that she has managed to take a crazy outfit and make it a million times worse. In all honesty that just did not seem to be possible, but thanks to her abilities she has managed to do it.

Poor kermit-Worst Lady Gaga Outfits



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