12 Amazing Notes Ever Left By Neighbors

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 6:10 pm
By:James Fraser

Unless you are extremely rich and own a real big villa, you have to deal with neighbors whether or not they are good. Most people will have good people around them, while some have to deal with at least one douchy in their community. Here are twelve notes left by good and responsible neighbors everyone of us want to have next door!
1.A Bro Next Door

This guy must be lucky to have a cool neighbor! How many of us will have a brutally honest neighbors like this man who will support us in hard times the best way possible? He not only cheered him up, but gave him some money too so he can go to a strip club to have fun! Amazing!

A Bro Next Door-12 Amazing Notes Ever Left By Neighbors

2.A True Act of Kindness

We have moved into a world where even blood relatives don't care about us. We must appreciate this neighbor for helping her medically unfit neighbor by snow blowing his driveway. The neighbor too responded well, by giving her a good thank you note. The world would be a better place if we have more people like these two!

A True Act of Kindness-12 Amazing Notes Ever Left By Neighbors

3.Sweet Apology, Isn't it?

Is her wife lucky to find a man who always tries ways to impress her? Well, we are not sure about that, but we are really impressed by his way of apologizing to his neighbors! He says he is sorry for sticking a love note on someone else's car thinking it was his wife's. The best part of this is note when he says "I am not in love with you, sorry" in the end!

Sweet Apology, Isn't it?-12 Amazing Notes Ever Left By Neighbors


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