Unique Kinds Of Undergarments

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 9:26 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Hmm! Okay

For those that like to stare at a pink bunny with ears, when checking out some fine butt. Whoever they might be.

Hmm! Okay-Unique Kinds Of Undergarments

2.Shred What?

Shreddies not only get rid of those embarrassing farts but also their stink. Shreddies must mean they shred that fart before it becomes an issue, or do the farts actually shred these undies?

Shred What?-Unique Kinds Of Undergarments


Underwear that "wicks?" away moisture making sure you have no stinky knickers on? One wonders what wick and where.

Moisture?-Unique Kinds Of Undergarments

4.Men's Cute Butt

Now, we know how men are judged on their butts right? So, if you do not have the greatest butt, you can always buy one.

Men's Cute Butt-Unique Kinds Of Undergarments


Why didn't we think of that! Undies for two. Imagine all the fun you could have. Hmm Maybe not.

Huh?-Unique Kinds Of Undergarments


If you are too shy to streak across a football field, try wearing these babies under your T Shirt at the next game. They jiggle and bounce like real ones.

Wow!-Unique Kinds Of Undergarments

7.Sticky Knickers

Sick of visible panty lines? then try these stick on suckers. This way you have no lines at all. Be careful of hair getting stuck on them though!

Sticky Knickers-Unique Kinds Of Undergarments

8.Cute Animal Names

If you want to point out what you have inside your underwear, without seeming vulgar then you can get the 'beaver' and pecker' range. These are classed as cute and funny.

Cute Animal Names-Unique Kinds Of Undergarments


The booty and waist enhancer. These knickers will not only pull in your waist but give you a massive booty too. Good enough to fool any booty lover. When you take them off though, he might think you are half the woman you were.

Booty-Delicious-Unique Kinds Of Undergarments

10.Fart Pants

If flatulence is a serious problem, these nifty knickers will not only filter the smell but smother the bang cracking noise of some farts.

Fart Pants-Unique Kinds Of Undergarments

11.Feeling Jerky

If you want to drive her wild, get some beef jerky undies, this way she can tear her way through them for hours and think you are a jerky-off. Is this actually a good idea?

Feeling Jerky-Unique Kinds Of Undergarments


For women who want to get a bit of attention, the nipple enhancing bra. Of course some women are just naturally endowed in this way, so they do not need such a thing.

Nippy-Unique Kinds Of Undergarments



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