24 Celebrities Who Had Breast Implants

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 10:44 am
By:Tony Williams

Breast augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery in the world, with thousands of women going under the knife to increase their breast size, Celebrities aren't an exception either. Many celebs already have breast implants or what commonly known as fake boobs, with very few celebrities who had a breast reduction surgery to get the perfect figure. In fact, very few celebrities prefer staying natural despite aging or other things affecting the size and shape of their breasts. One can detect fake breasts just by looking at them. Fake boobs are rounder than Earth, and clearly, defy its gravity! Needless to say, the gap between two fake breasts looks very unpleasant. Here are 24 Hollywood celebrities who had breast implants.
1.Courtney Love

There is no doubt that Courtney Love wife of Edward Norton has had some work done on her breasts, but the biggest question is whether she was sober enough at the time. Of course it does help to confirm things when she keeps flashing them.

Courtney Love-24 Celebrities Who Had Breast Implants

2.Kelly Rowland

This pop star has admitted that she had some breast implants and indeed she thought hard about getting it done for years until she finally took the plunge. The result is that she now loves them whereas before she was a bit fed up every single time she looked at her chest.

Kelly Rowland-24 Celebrities Who Had Breast Implants


Apparently, Fergie's boobs show classic signs of breast implants! They look ridiculously round and fuller. The gap between her breasts is clearly visible. It is impossible for any women to make their breasts look geometrically more rounded and fuller without the help of breast implants. Upon asking, The voice of Sally Brown, Fergie denied having any plastic surgery to increase her bust size, and we have no idea why she's trying to hide it from her fans. Her old pictures clearly show that Fergie was a flat-chested woman.  Nonetheless, her breast implants are at least not looking weird.

Fergie-24 Celebrities Who Had Breast Implants


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