Things You Can't See But Know Exist

Tuesday, Aug 17, 2021, 3:55 pm
By:Tony Williams


Wi-Fi allows several electronic devices the ability to connect to the world-wide-web wirelessly. Wi-Fi only works when a hotspot is enabled. Since Wi-Fi connects devices through radio waves, it cannot be seen. The only inclination that a person has that their Wi-Fi is working, is that 'sound symbol' that pops up on their screen.

Wi-Fi-Things You Can't See But Know Exist


Ghosts are an old-fashioned belief. There are some people who claim to have encountered ghosts and then there are those who do not believe in their existence. Ghosts are said to come in different forms and can be either friendly or evil. It is believed that ghosts can be contacted through a spiritism, such as a seance.

Ghosts-Things You Can't See But Know Exist


Angels act as a representation of God. The general consensus is that angels have wings, halos, and take on the human form. Some angels are said to be created, while others become these virtual beings after they die. There have been several reports from around the globe, where people have claimed to have seen an angel. There are even guardian angels who are assigned to certain people on earth to help protect them through the years.

Angels-Things You Can't See But Know Exist



Electricity has been an essential part of mankind since its discovery . Today's society has become so reliant on electricity, that life without it would be very dull and boring. The wires and plugs that generate electricity can be seen, but people cannot see electricity as it actually moves through these plugs and wires.

Electricity-Things You Can't See But Know Exist


Without air, there would be no humanity and the world as we know it would cease to exist. Air is a colorless, odorless and tastelessgaseous mixture. Air cannot be seen, but it has been scientifically proven to exist. Living things need the oxygen in the air to stay alive.

Air-Things You Can't See But Know Exist


Heaven is an unseen place where souls transcend after death.Its exact location is not known, but religious individuals believe that heaven is located in the sky and beyond the clouds. Transcending to heaven is not an honor that everyone has. In the Christian faith, the only people who shall see heaven are those who follow the word of God during their time on earth.

Heaven-Things You Can't See But Know Exist


A soul is the deepest spiritual nature of a human being. It is said that a person's soul is what allows them to feel emotions and that when they die it is their soul that is left behind. It is the soul that aids a person in making moral decisions. Souls can't be seen, but some believe that its presence can be felt.

Souls-Things You Can't See But Know Exist


Emotions are a state of mind and can change depending on a person's mood. Humans have different sensations and moods - happiness, sadness, anger, annoyance, depression - but they themselves cannot see these emotions as they are happening. There are people who go through different moods and emotions, but you'd never know it because their facial expressions and body language never changes.

Emotions-Things You Can't See But Know Exist


With good, comes evil. Much like God, there has been constant debates about the existence of the devil. More times than not, people tend to blame all the bad occurrences in the world on the fallen angel. Christians often say that when things aren't going right in their lives, that "the devil is at work." Chances are, if you believe in God then you believe the devil is real and was once an angel who fell from grace.

Devil-Things You Can't See But Know Exist


The existence of God has been up for debate for centuries. God is a spirit and those who worship, do so in spirit and in truth. Those who believe in God feels He moves and works through them. He doesn't show Himself in the physical sense, but answers His flock by answering their prayers. Additionally, the belief in God is heightened due to the many incidents in the bible that have been foretold and have since come true. Either God exists or he's one spectacular fortune teller and psychic.

God-Things You Can't See But Know Exist

11.The Tooth Fairy

For years parents and guardians have done their best to keep the illusion of The Tooth Fairy alive. Children have never seen this mythical fairy, but due to her actions they are inclined to believe she's real. Most, If not all, 'Tooth Fairies' leave money or a treat under the pillow of a child who leaves their tooth for her. Children are none the wiser to what really happens to their teeth and thereby continue to believe in her until they grow up and learn the truth.

The Tooth Fairy-Things You Can't See But Know Exist

12.Dark Matter

Dark Matter is recognized as a type of substance theorized in astronomy and cosmology to justify a substantial part of the total mass in the universe. It cannot be seen with the naked eye or a telescope. However, its existence is concluded from the various properties in the universe.

Dark Matter-Things You Can't See But Know Exist



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