120 Famous Celebrities And Their Net Worth

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 1:53 pm
By:Tony Williams

Most celebrities make a lot of money. They make millions of dollars every year. Remember, celebrities don't just become super-rich with the money they make from their movies, music or other projects. They invest their money in numerous businesses, which gives them great returns. This is why some celebrities are richer than the others. Want to know how much a celebrity makes a year? We can't clearly tell how much they make a year, but we can certainly determine how much fortune they have made to date! There is a metric called 'net worth' and we guess you already knew about it! Check this huge list of top celebrities and their net worth.

#120 Derek Jeter Net Worth ($185 Million)

Derek Jeter is a legendary American baseball player. He played 20 seasons for New York Yankees between the years 1995 and 2014. He played a key role in Yankees success in the late 90s and early 2000s. Between the years 1996 to 2000, New York Yankees won 4 out five seasons, thanks to the efforts of Derek Jeter! He is a fantastic hitter, runner, fielder and a leader. 
Until his retirement from the professional sport in 2014, Derek Jeter dedicated his entire sports life playing for Yankees. His long career with Yankees helped him amass a wealth of $185 million. He has won numerous awards throughout his career. He is busy with philanthropist activities lately. Did you know Derek Jeter has a black parent?

Derek Jeter Net Worth (5 Million)-120 Famous Celebrities And Their Net Worth

Derek Jeter Net Worth (5 Million)-120 Famous Celebrities And Their Net Worth

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