Important Events In World History

Sunday, Feb 21, 2021, 10:12 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Singing of the Magna Carta

The Magna Carta was a document forced on to the king of England by a group of his people forcing him to limit his powers by law. It also protects more rights of the people. It was the beginning of constitutional law that fed the colonies of what would become the United States.

Singing of the Magna Carta-Important Events In World History

2.World war 1 & 2

Another great example of innocent kids being duped into fighting other duped kids for false reasons. History continues to repeat it self. Powers from all over the world started colliding, but on the greater, more secret scale, deals were being made. Conspiracies for greater control were taking place.

World war 1 & 2-Important Events In World History

3.Rise of imperialism

The rise of imperialism is something that pops up all through out history. You have mad men that want to dominate the world, and a lot of times that clashes with other fellas who want the same thing. In the wake of it all you get a lot of innocent people being killed and the rest being taken over.

Rise of imperialism-Important Events In World History


4.American revolution

History repeats itself yet again, as what would become America, grew out of a severe distaste for tyranny. A people wanting to break free from a taxing, dishonest bunch of swine did so by forging their own turf, with their new set of rules. After slaughtering masses of native Americans, there better be something good that comes out of it.

American revolution-Important Events In World History

5.French Revolution

Down with domineering, tyrannical government, said the French people back in 1789. Like what we see today, the French people saw the elites with everything, stealing from the people and milking their labor. They stood up as a people and took the power back! A lesson we could learn in present day.

French Revolution-Important Events In World History

6.Agricultural revolution

We have actually had a few agricultural revolutions, mechanical, chemical and biological. Beginning in Britain in the 18th century, the agricultural revolution was a complex transformation that gave us better cropping techniques, drainage, methods of breeding and the rotation of crops.

Agricultural revolution-Important Events In World History

7.Rise of enlightenment thinkers

Not many times in history does a groove like this happen. So many great thinkers popping up left and right. Not only such forefathers as Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, but such great composers as Mozart, Handel, and Bach. There must have been something in the water at that time! Photo Courtney of

Rise of enlightenment thinkers-Important Events In World History

8.The Renaissance

The renaissance, or rebirth, spanned from the 14th to the 17th century and was a cultural movement where the flourishing of language and art took place and all facets of society were positively impacted. The period brought about the idea of the renaissance man, which we could all strive to be today.

The Renaissance-Important Events In World History

9.Establishing of the Roman Empire

The Roman Empire was one of the most powerful empires in history and they say was where democracy was created. The United States adopted many systems from the Romans including parts of language, forms of government and legal policy. They also impacted the knowledge of roads, buildings and architecture.

Establishing of the Roman Empire-Important Events In World History

10.Discovery of electricity

What would we do without electricity? So much of our world revolves around this convenient use. Yet the man that brought such great discoveries as wireless energy and possible limitless energy from the earth, has been forgotten. Nikola tesla gave us such wonder!

Discovery of electricity-Important Events In World History

11.Invention of paper

What would we do with out this great creation? We wouldn't be able to pass on great knowledge and wisdom, and we couldn't be inspired in class by paper airplanes. More importantly the great discovery has changed the world in more ways than we can imagine anymore.

Invention of paper-Important Events In World History

12.A birth of civilization in ancient Sumer

The great ancient civilization of Sumer was the beginning of man as we know them. Some say its when intelligent extra terrestrial aliens or inter dimensional entities procreated with human women making hybrid blood lines that live on today through royal bloodlines.

A birth of civilization in ancient Sumer-Important Events In World History



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