How To Fall Asleep Faster

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 5:20 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Tip Twelve : Aromatherapy

Try lavender or other essential oils on your pillow or even in a bath before bed. You will be dosing off in no time thanks to the way in which they are capable of just completely relaxing you.

Tip Twelve : Aromatherapy-How To Fall Asleep Faster

2.Tip Eleven : Sleeping Partner

Perhaps you like to be cuddled when you sleep, or perhaps you hate that. Either way chat to your partner in order to make sleeping a little easier for you and your beloved.

Tip Eleven : Sleeping Partner-How To Fall Asleep Faster

3.Tip Ten : Create White Noise

White noise is a great aid to sleep. The repetitive sound can actually bring on sleep. Try a fan or air-conditioner they really do help. White noise can also drown out any other unwanted noises disturbing you.

Tip Ten : Create White Noise-How To Fall Asleep Faster

4.Tip Nine : A Bedtime Drink

Making a ritual of a bedtime drink can also tell the body it is time to wind down. Good drinks include warm milk, chamomile, or any none caffeine drink. Make sure it is a warm drink and not too much as you might be needing the bathroom too much through the night.

Tip Nine : A Bedtime Drink-How To Fall Asleep Faster

5.Tip Eight : Work Out Early

Some people do prefer to work out after dark, but if you are having sleep issues it is probably better to work out earlier in the day. If for some reason you cannot change your night time work-out then ensure that it is ended at least four hours before bedtime.

Tip Eight : Work Out Early-How To Fall Asleep Faster

6.Tip Seven : Ban Electronics

All electrical goods should be switched off in your bedroom upon retiring. Ideally none of these items should be in the bedroom at all. It has been proven that electrical goods can cause our bodies to feel energized instead of relaxed. The same goes for looking into a bright computer screen. Give your computer habit a cut off time an hour or more before bed. The bright lights from a computer screen trick your brain into thinking it is daytime.

Tip Seven : Ban Electronics-How To Fall Asleep Faster

7.Tip Six : Try Pillow Propping

Try using a pillow between the knees to take the weight off your hips while you sleep. Others find a pillow under the arm as well will make you feel weightless but supported. Finding the best pillow for you might be a trial and error exercise but worth it in the end.

Tip Six : Try Pillow Propping-How To Fall Asleep Faster

8.Tip Five : Write It Down

If you have things on your mind perhaps write it down in a journal before you go to sleep. That will help to calm your mind paving the way for better sleep as an active mind will only serve to keep you awake.

Tip Five : Write It Down-How To Fall Asleep Faster

9.Tip Four : Wear Comfortable Attire

When you go to bed make sure there is nothing too tight or annoying. This will keep you awake. Tight socks, tight waist bands can all cause you to fidget and not get enough rest, so get comfortable and you will find that you feel a lot better when in bed.

Tip Four : Wear Comfortable Attire-How To Fall Asleep Faster

10.Tip Three : Stop Caffeine at 2pm

Caffeine will stimulate you and will make it harder to fall asleep. Have your last coffee, tea or coke drink at around midday to 2pm at the latest as this will allow your body to process it and it will not be able to keep you awake.

Tip Three : Stop Caffeine at 2pm-How To Fall Asleep Faster

11.Tip Two : Have a Hot Shower

A nice long shower before bed heats up the skin and makes a person feel more relaxed. Cool showers do not have the same effect. If you live in a hot country a warm shower will do. Showering before bed also signals to the brain it is time to sleep.

Tip Two : Have a Hot Shower-How To Fall Asleep Faster

12.Tip One : A Sanctuary

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary. Keep it free from clutter, electronic equipment, phones and televisions. De-clutter it and make it a space that immediately makes you feel relaxed.

Tip One : A Sanctuary-How To Fall Asleep Faster



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