Flying Animals Which Are Not Birds

Saturday, Jun 27, 2020, 8:04 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Flying gecko

This little guy actually lives in Malaysia and you need to venture into the rainforest to see him in his natural habitat. What this guy does is he glides and parachutes down from branches that are higher up with this giving the impression that he is flying.

Flying gecko-Flying Animals Which Are Not Birds


Well this one is obvious as we all know what a bee is and how it flies around collecting nectar and making honey. Yes a lot of us do not like them due to the fact that they sting, but then this is all about animals that fly.

Bees-Flying Animals Which Are Not Birds


A bat is actually a mammal and it is something that scares the absolute life out of most people. We hate them with a passion because lets be honest they are very creepy looking and that is reason enough to put us off them.

Bat-Flying Animals Which Are Not Birds

4.Flying ray

This particular ray can grow up to 10 feet long and an amazing 17 feet wide, but it does not actually fly in the strictest sense of the word. Instead, it pushes itself out of the water, but the problem here is that we have absolutely no idea as to why it does it.

Flying ray-Flying Animals Which Are Not Birds

5.Flying squid

This sounds like something out of a bad sci-fi movie, but in actual fact the flying squid does indeed exist although clearly it does not soar through the air like birds. Instead, it gets itself out of the water and fly through the air for short distances, but we have absolutely no idea why.

Flying squid-Flying Animals Which Are Not Birds

6.Flying ant

These ants can be extremely annoying and they really do get everywhere. Yes they may not be the biggest of flying things in the world, but they irritate the life out of most people and that is reason enough to hate them.

Flying ant-Flying Animals Which Are Not Birds

7.Flying snake

The idea of a flying snake is certainly something that is going to scare the living daylights out of most people. These types of snakes tend to live in Southeast Asia, so if you are in Oklahoma, then you have nothing to worry about.

Flying snake-Flying Animals Which Are Not Birds

8.Flying fish

Experts state that there are approximately 50 different species of flying fish, but of course the name itself is quite deceptive. The problem here is that they do not actually fly, but instead they manage to push themselves out of the water due to power in their fins with this then giving the impression that they are flying.

Flying fish-Flying Animals Which Are Not Birds

9.Flying fox

Yes ok this is not a fox in the strictest sense of the word, but thanks to some of the markings on it people do tend to just refer to it as one. It does indeed do the same thing as a bat, but a flying fox is just that bit cooler.

Flying fox-Flying Animals Which Are Not Birds

10.Flying frog

This little guy is quite cool and he lives in the forest in both Malaysia and Indonesia. It uses skin between its toes as a parachute and it simply glides through the air allowing it to travel reasonable distances in the process.

Flying frog-Flying Animals Which Are Not Birds

11.Flying squirrel

Basically every squirrel can fly and you only have to watch them as they flip between trees to see how good they are at it. There are 43 different species of squirrel in the world and they have become pretty good at jumping around between branches.

Flying squirrel-Flying Animals Which Are Not Birds

12.Flying lemur

There is a problem here because this is not actually a lemur as such and nor does he really fly. Instead, it is more closely related to a primate and it uses skin to glide down as it moves between branches.

Flying lemur-Flying Animals Which Are Not Birds



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