12 Most Expensive Pens In The World

Monday, Aug 31, 2020, 8:00 am
By:Tony Williams

In the past, humans used to write using quill pens. A quill pen is made using birds' feathers. People used to dip the quill in the ink and write on parchment. Quills were replaced by ink brushes and dip pens. Fountain pens started to appear from the 10th century. In the 17th century, two inventors John J. Loud and Laszlo Biro invented the modern ballpoint pen, which we all use today. There are mainly four types of pens that exist in the world today. They are ballpoint pen, rollerball pen, fountain pen and marker. 
How much does a pen costs? A few dollars, right? Now, how much does a premium pen costs? Check these 12 most expensive pens in the world for an answer! Prepare yourself to see some mind-blowing numbers!

#12 Visconti Alchemy H.R.H. Fountain Pen - $57,000

The Visconti Alchemy H.R.H. Fountain Pen is handcrafted. With two 18 carat gold nibs and two ink reservoirs, the pen is trimmed with two different metals; gold and silver vermeil. Available in two sizes, the body of the pen is made with red resin with a gold and silver trim adorned with 4 carat diamonds and rubies, one cap having a gold trim, and the other a silver trim.

Visconti Alchemy H.R.H. Fountain Pen - ,000-12 Most Expensive Pens In The World

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