Failed McDonald's Products

Friday, Jul 8, 2022, 3:24 pm
By:Tony Williams


This was not a success due to the bad publicity it received especially after a movie that focused entirely on it. This was a PR disaster for the company, so that was why it was taken off the menu in order to preserve their name.

Super-Size-Failed McDonald's Products

2.Big n Tasty

If you can understand why this burger did not become a success, then you are lucky because it is basically just a burger, so perhaps it was just too similar to others that were already out there. Perhaps it was not as tasty as the name suggested?

Big n Tasty-Failed McDonald's Products

3.McLean Deluxe

This burger was just too big and it was also a bit more expensive than other burgers, so perhaps the price put people off. However, there is also the argument that there was just too much on it for most people and if you cannot put it all in your mouth is there any point in eating it?

McLean Deluxe-Failed McDonald's Products


This burger just seemed pointless and that was why it did not do that well when it was first brought out. What was so special about having lettuce and tomato on their burger? Is that not on basically every burger on their menu?

McDLT-Failed McDonald's Products

5.McHot Dog

This is another example of a type of fast food that just seems out of place being in McDonalds. The hot dog itself does not look too bad, but you just do not go in and think of a hot dog as your mind is set on a burger, so that explains why it did not do that well.

McHot Dog-Failed McDonald's Products

6.Arch Delux

This one is a bit of a mystery because it at least appeared to have all of the things you want in a burger, but it was a bit too much for most people with all of those different flavors competing with one another making it difficult to know what was going on.

Arch Delux-Failed McDonald's Products


The problem with this burger was that there was just too much going on at the one time and it just tasted wrong without the normal bun on top. It is no surprise to find out that it really did just sink without a trace.

McAfrika-Failed McDonald's Products


There is just something not quite right about spaghetti in McDonalds, so it is not the biggest surprise to discover that this meal was indeed a bit of a flop. It just seems so out of place that it kind of ruins the taste before you even have a taste of it.

McSpaghetti-Failed McDonald's Products


The thing that McDonalds managed to learn about this McPizza was to leave it to the experts. People go there for a burger and they go elsewhere for a pizza, so they are best to focus on what they do right and leave other types of fast food alone.

McPizza-Failed McDonald's Products

10.Hula Burger

This was a burger with basically a piece of pineapple put on top, so it is perhaps no real surprise that this burger was a bit of a flop. People can be very particular with what goes on their burger and they quickly found out that pineapple does not rank highly.

Hula Burger-Failed McDonald's Products

11.McGratin Croquette

This at least looked not too bad, but for some reason it just did not take off, so for most McDonalds restaurants this is the closest you will get to seeing what it looks like. At least the photograph is nice even if the item itself was not the best.

McGratin Croquette-Failed McDonald's Products


This particular McDonalds product did actually sell, but it was pretty poor, it did not apparently taste the best, and it quickly lost favor with people moving back to having a burger. If you want something from the sea do just stick with the fish and ignore this.

McLobster-Failed McDonald's Products



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