15 Most Disgusting Things People Ever Found In Their Food

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2020, 6:29 pm
By:Mike Litzler

These unfortunate people found some really disgusting things in their food. Imagine eating your favorite food, and finding a nasty bug or something filthy right in the food bowl! Oh man, that will be a horrible sight. Locusts, cockroaches, human fingers, chicken brain, maggots, condoms are some of the disgusting things ever found in food. Read the horrific stories of people who found absolutely terrible things in their food. 
1.dead frog found in a diet Pepsi can

Fred DeNegri was grilling in his backyard when he cracked open a can of diet Pepsi, took a thirsty gulp and immediately started gagging. The flavor of his Pepsi was rank and the texture was thick like slime. He immediately took it to a sink and shook out the contents until something resembling "pink linguini" slid out, followed by "dark stuff". Despite persistent shaking, a heavy object remained inside the can. Completely disgusted, the DeNegris immediately called poison control and the FDA, and the can was taken in for lab testing to identify the source of the sludgy mess. The couple received a copy of the completed report from the Food and Drug Administration Office of Regulatory Affairs, which concluded the foreign matter appeared to be a frog or a toad.

dead frog found in a diet Pepsi can-15 Most Disgusting Things People Ever Found In Their Food
2.dead Mouse In Curry Jar.

When Cate Barrett bought a jar of tikka masala sauce from her local Asda store, she was expecting it to contain a bit of a kick. But what she wasn't expecting to find was the dead mouse which had somehow ended up in the jar - along with the rest of her favorite sauce. The nursery worker had begun making dinner for herself and her boyfriend, Nigel, when she poured the sauce into the pan, and noticed it was a little lumpy. As she began stirring the sauce through, she noticed what looked like whiskers and a tail - and immediately knew it was a dead rodent. The couple took the dead animal and the jar of Asda Extra Special sauce back to the shop where a manager apologized and said it would be sent for examination.

dead Mouse In Curry Jar.-15 Most Disgusting Things People Ever Found In Their Food

3.Oven Glove In Loaf Of Bread

A woman in Northern Ireland discovered part of an oven glove baked into her slice of bread - and she didn't even notice it until she began eating it. The loaf had been bought from a local shop just before Christmas. When the victim discovered the contamination, she reported the matter to the environmental health section of the council. The packet turned out to be full of shreds of the hessian-type cloth. Herefordshire - based Hovis makers Premier Foods were fined £750.

Oven Glove In Loaf Of Bread-15 Most Disgusting Things People Ever Found In Their Food

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