12 Funniest Out Of Order Signs Ever

Sunday, Aug 23, 2020, 6:46 am
By:Tony Williams

We don't often find 'out of order' signs in our day-to-day life. However, at times, we see those signs here and there on escalators, elevators, toilets, phone booths or cash machines. Such out of order signs disappoint us, and at times, frustrate us too. In most cases, out of order sign is just plain text that informs us something is broken, and can't be used. They aren't really interesting in anyway. However, some out of order signs look funny. A funny text or grammar mistake on the signboards makes them look interesting.  Here are 12 such funniest out of order signs spotted by different people around the world. 
1.Dummy ATM Machine

If something no longer works, or in this case never did, it's time to remove It from the property. Of course moving a big huge ATM machine like this would be too much work. It's not like it's some sort of mystifying object that attracts a lot of attention. All this machine Is doing is taking up space and now the management is wasting trees by placing 'Out of Order' signs on it.

Dummy ATM Machine-12 Funniest Out Of Order Signs Ever

2.Don't Steal the 'Out of Order' Phone Signs

Most places will put up an 'Out of Order' sign if a certain object is not working. Sadly, there's always that one wannabe comedian who thinks it's funny to remove the sign and let people discover that bit of info for themselves. This place decided to place two signs on the phone and give those people who steal signs a little warning.

Don't Steal the 'Out of Order' Phone Signs-12 Funniest Out Of Order Signs Ever

3.Broken Escalator?

This place should invest in a writer. The note should read: The Escalator has temporarily been turned into stairs. The way this 'Out of Order' sign is written, you'd think a caveman penned it. It doesn't take a rocket Scientist to see that an escalator isn't working. Usually when an escalator isn't working, there's tape preventing customers from using it, or people can be seen walking up or down the immobile stairs. 

Broken Escalator?-12 Funniest Out Of Order Signs Ever


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