Dumbest Laws In California

Tuesday, Jun 16, 2020, 8:54 am
By:Tony Williams

1.You need a driver

It is law that a vehicle must have a driver before it can go over 60mph. While this may indeed sound dumb it is scary to think about what must happen if you drive at less than 60mph because does the driver then become absent and nothing can be done about it?

You need a driver-Dumbest Laws In California

2.Illegal bowling

In Chico it is illegal to go bowling on the sidewalk. In all honesty does this have to be made a law all on its own? Surely it is just common sense that you can't do that there because how would you get a flat surface?

Illegal bowling-Dumbest Laws In California

3.Matching clothes

In Carmel it is illegal for a man to go outside wearing pants and a jacket that do not match. Clearly you would then be arrested by the fashion police and considering some of the fashion mistakes that go on out there perhaps this is not as dumb a law as it seems.

Matching clothes-Dumbest Laws In California

4.The restroom

It is still illegal to use the restroom at your home if the window is open. This must be to prevent any noises or smells from escaping and annoying next door, so in a strange way there is some sense in this rather bizarre and dumb law.

The restroom-Dumbest Laws In California

5.Women drivers

While it is perfectly legal for women to drive you do have to be careful as to what is being worn when doing so. It is still illegal for a woman to drive whilst wearing a housecoat, but then how many go out in it in this day of age?

Women drivers-Dumbest Laws In California

6.No high heels

Women love to wear high heel shoes for a number of reasons, but in Carmel it is illegal to wear them within city limits. Quite why this is the case is unknown as it is certainly a mad thing to ban because surely there are more pressing concerns than what a woman is wearing on her feet?

No high heels-Dumbest Laws In California

7.Dealing with your lunch

In what seems to be a complete overreaction it is illegal for you to carry your lunch between 11am and 1pm in Riverside. The problem here is that it is main lunch carrying hours, so how many people are breaking the law on a daily basis?

Dealing with your lunch-Dumbest Laws In California

8.How to get clean

Thankfully this is a bit outdated, but it is illegal to have bathhouses in California. That does mean that it is very easy to avoid breaking this particular law, but then would you want to break it in the first place?

How to get clean-Dumbest Laws In California

9.A garage law

In Long Beach there is a law that the only item that it actually allowed in the garage is the car itself. This does at least make some kind of sense, but then what are you going to do with all of the other junk that you have built up over the years?

A garage law-Dumbest Laws In California

10.The pouring of salt

Now salt can be an extremely useful thing to have around the house, but do you know that it is illegal to pour it on the highway in the state of California? This does beg the question as to why you would be doing this in the first place because it just does not make any sense whatsoever.

The pouring of salt-Dumbest Laws In California

11.Spitting is illegal

Well it is good to see that they have decided that this disgusting habit should be made illegal. However, spitting is still allowed in some instance, but that only involves a baseball diamond.

Spitting is illegal-Dumbest Laws In California

12.Cowboy boots

It is law that you are not allowed to wear cowboy boots unless you are the owner of at least two cows. How do they check this kind of thing in the first place? Is there some kind of cow inspector that walks around?

Cowboy boots-Dumbest Laws In California



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