Disney Characters In Star Wars Theme

Sunday, Aug 16, 2020, 8:12 pm
By:Tony Williams


This is actually from Fantasia and they have to be two of the best adaptations that you could ever hope to see. It is the fact that both are so ridiculous that they work that well.

Fantasia-Disney Characters In Star Wars Theme

2.A darker side

So what would it be like if well known characters were on the dark side? As you can see here they just look the absolute same, but would how you view them and trust them be any different as a result?

A darker side-Disney Characters In Star Wars Theme

3.Donald and Pluto together

Well this certainly shows these two popular characters in a different light and you have to say that they do look pretty cool. You just know that Pluto would love being R2-D2 and at least he is as loyal as the Star Wars character.

Donald and Pluto together-Disney Characters In Star Wars Theme

4.Donald looks scary

Well this certainly shows Donald Duck in a different light and he looks like a lean, mean, quacking machine. You never thought that you would see him as a guard did you? Are you impressed by him?

Donald looks scary-Disney Characters In Star Wars Theme

5.Are they robbing her?

The thing that stands out here is that you would think that they were holding her up rather than being her companions, but then it just shows how looks can indeed be deceptive. You have to also say that she looks good as Princess Leia.

Are they robbing her?-Disney Characters In Star Wars Theme

6.What a scary baddie

The scariest part here is actually the baddie in the background because boy does he look scarier than Darth Vader himself. We just have to hope that Mickey Mouse can indeed save us, but surely it is a tall order?

What a scary baddie-Disney Characters In Star Wars Theme

7.Does it make them scarier?

Monsters inc is a cool movie, but as soon as you turn them into Star Wars characters do they actually become less scary? Would you then feel like leaving them to help save the world? Probably not.

Does it make them scarier?-Disney Characters In Star Wars Theme

8.A scary mermaid

Well this is certainly one scary mermaid and you would change your opinion of her if she had looked like this in her movie. Suddenly there is no way that you would ever want to cross her since she clearly knows how to handle herself.

A scary mermaid-Disney Characters In Star Wars Theme

9.The 7 ewoks

Yep the storyline just seems to be completely different when you are looking at Snow White and the 7 Ewoks. In actual fact that would have been one seriously cool storyline if this had been for real.

The 7 ewoks-Disney Characters In Star Wars Theme

10.A scary combination

This is one amazingly scary combination with Donald Duck on a unicycle as Darth Vader. This takes some imagination to even just come up with this in your mind, but boy would it have changed the way you saw him in Star Wars.

A scary combination-Disney Characters In Star Wars Theme

11.Keep them forever

Admit it, you are looking at these and you are an adult and you just wish that you owned them. How cool are these different characters and why did they not think about doing this earlier?

Keep them forever-Disney Characters In Star Wars Theme

12.She looks evil

Give a princess a light saber and see how she just completely changes before your very eyes. Would you believe this transformation and how has your opinion of her changed?

She looks evil-Disney Characters In Star Wars Theme

13.Scary Goofy

This shows how scary Goofy could be if he just changed his demeanor a bit. He suddenly looks like a character that you would not want to cross and you can understand why when he looks like this.

Scary Goofy-Disney Characters In Star Wars Theme

14.Buzz is taking the lead

It's nice to see that Buzz Lightyear is still trying to take the lead here even when he is also part Star Wars. He would just see it as being his opportunity to show how brave he is when battling evil.

Buzz is taking the lead-Disney Characters In Star Wars Theme


Well it looks like Dumbo already has his own wings built into his costume due to his ears, but surely he would be a bit too nervous to be in a battle? Oh well he looks cool dressed up like this, so maybe that counts for something?

Dumbo-Disney Characters In Star Wars Theme

16.Luke Duckwater

There is something strange about this combination because you feel that he would just be too nervous to actually have this role, but at least he suit's the outfit. Imagine him and Mickey Mouse together and trying to combat Darth Vader?

Luke Duckwater-Disney Characters In Star Wars Theme

17.A faithful companion

Having Pluto in this role is actually very clever because R2-D2 is a loyal companion and everybody knows that Pluto is the same. At least he would love to be petted.

A faithful companion-Disney Characters In Star Wars Theme

18.Hans Mouse

This is actually very funny to look at and in a strange way it does kind of work with having Mickey Mouse as this character. However, would he be able to handle the pressure?

Hans Mouse-Disney Characters In Star Wars Theme

19.Darth Mouse

Well this is a combination that you probably never expected to see in your life and it is easy to understand why. There is just something strange about Mickey Mouse being Darth Vadar because surely the two characters are just so far apart that it would not really work?

Darth Mouse-Disney Characters In Star Wars Theme

20.Fresh from the Jungle Book

Clearly the Jungle Book was too boring, so Star Wars just appeared to be far more interesting and rewarding. You have to admit that he suits his uniform but would be any good at flying and destroying the enemy?

Fresh from the Jungle Book-Disney Characters In Star Wars Theme

21.The Lion King in a new role

Well have you ever seen two characters from the Lion King that look so good as R2-D2 and C3PO? OK the sizes seem to be around the wrong way, but they still look so cool and that seems to be the most important part here.

The Lion King in a new role-Disney Characters In Star Wars Theme

22.Beauty and the beast

This is a different character for the beauty and the beast and they do seem to be quite well suited to their new roles. The only thing is that he may be a bit too scared and will find it difficult to be as ruthless as he needs to be.

Beauty and the beast-Disney Characters In Star Wars Theme


How cool does Stitch look as a Jedi knight? The funny thing is that you can imagine him doing all of the moves and absolutely loving it and it is just a pity that he was not a real character in the movies.

Stitch-Disney Characters In Star Wars Theme

24.Mickey gets involved

This is actually quite cool and Mickey does certainly look the part in his Star Wars outfit. The only problem is you having some difficulty in taking him seriously since he is such a lovable character with such a kind nature.

Mickey gets involved-Disney Characters In Star Wars Theme



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