Craziest Products Inspired By Bacon

Tuesday, Aug 17, 2021, 12:45 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.For all weather

So how snazzy would you be if you were out and about in the rain wearing this footwear? It has to be one of the strangest designs in the world of shoes that you will ever see in your life and surely nobody could be taken seriously if they were walking around with two big lumps of bacon on their feet?

For all weather-Craziest Products Inspired By Bacon

2.Mmm soda

The first thing that hits you when you look at this is that surely it cannot taste nice in any way whatsoever. There is no chance that anybody can enjoy basically drinking bacon even if you love the taste of it. Bacon is to be chewed and not as a drink, so stick to Coke instead.

Mmm soda-Craziest Products Inspired By Bacon

3.Your coffin

Yes believe it or not, but there is a company out there that will design a coffin that resembles bacon and if you are being cremated surely that makes it smoky bacon. You would need to seriously love the stuff to even consider getting this done because it just does not look that good if truth be told.

Your coffin-Craziest Products Inspired By Bacon


4.It's half past cooking time

Well this bacon watch is certainly a bit of fun, but how often would you actually wear it? Sure it would be fine for a laugh at the start, but if you are an adult people would start to question your sanity at always wanting to wear a bacon watch.

It's half past cooking time-Craziest Products Inspired By Bacon

5.IPhone case

OK so this is not actually bacon as such, but it is still a case for your iPhone that is designed to at least resemble bacon and that is enough to include it in this list. You can also get a bigger one for your iPad, but it just feels wrong to be wrapping it up like that.

IPhone case-Craziest Products Inspired By Bacon

6.A wallet?

How often have you wanted to wrap your money up in bacon to keep it all safe and sound? If this rings a bell, then at least you can now solve that problem thanks to the bacon wallet. How many strange looks are you going to get when you wheel this out in public and start paying for things?

A wallet?-Craziest Products Inspired By Bacon


Perhaps you were not a fan of bacon dental floss, or even though that the toothpick looks a bit more elegant, but no matter the reason you can indeed get bacon flavor toothpicks. At least the tin also has a pig on it just to remind you where they come from, but surely it would just be a bit bizarre using them?

Toothpicks-Craziest Products Inspired By Bacon

8.Lip-static lip balm

Are you fed up of the normal taste of lip balm? Have you ever wished for something a bit meatier than you have been using before? Well if that is the case, then surely bacon balm is going to be the way forward for you. Imagine smearing that lovely taste all over. Your lips will never be the same again.

Lip-static lip balm-Craziest Products Inspired By Bacon


OK so this is very, very strange because how many people look at bacon and immediately think of c0ndoms? The chances are that very few people do this because they would rather think of eating it rather than wearing it in order to have safe sex.

c0ndoms?-Craziest Products Inspired By Bacon

10.Bacon floss

Yes just when you have some bacon stuck between your teeth out comes the bacon dental floss. This is certainly one way to get a bacon lover to take more care over their teeth because surely they would love using it rather than being stuck with the more normal mint flavor?

Bacon floss-Craziest Products Inspired By Bacon

11.Adhesive bandages

Well this product makes sense because surely everybody has, at some point, thought about wrapping some bacon around their finger when they have hurt it? The thing you have to remember is that at least it appears to be the correct shape, but it still looks strange wearing some bacon.

Adhesive bandages-Craziest Products Inspired By Bacon

12.Personal Lubricant

Ahh nothing will get your partner going more than you smelling of bacon. Imagine drizzling it all over you to make you as greasy as a pig in a frying pan. How could anybody manage to resist that when it is presented to them on a plate?

Personal Lubricant-Craziest Products Inspired By Bacon



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