12 Celebrities With Scars And Deformities

Friday, Aug 28, 2020, 4:01 pm
By:Tony Williams

Celebrities are known for their beautiful physical appearance. Although looking beautiful isn't the only requirement to become a top actor or actress, it certainly does help. Celebrities are humans like us too, and they aren't completely flawless. Some of us have scars on our bodies, which, in most cases is the result of an injury. Celebs have those scars too. We may not observe those scars because we don't see them in real life, from a closer distance. Check these 12 popular celebrities with scars. 

#12 Adrian Pasdar

Heroes star Adrian Pasdar wasn't always the actor fans know him as today. During Pasdar's freshman year of college at the University of Florida, he was in a horrible car accident. The incident left him with numerous scars on his cheeks and chin. In addition to that, his legs were injured, thus ending his collegiate football career. He then turned to acting.

Adrian Pasdar-12 Celebrities With Scars And Deformities

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