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Sunday, Jul 3, 2022, 6:31 pm
By:Tony Williams


Tell the truth. Who has not day fream about being a ninja? See we all havce done it. For me it was after seeing the comedy classic "Beverly Hills Ninja". With all that behind us we can now pretend to be a ninja in style with this stealth looking hoodie.

Ninja-Cool Hoodies

2.Storm Trooper

We have to go back to Star Wars. I was not planning on it, but when I saw this hoodie I couldn't help myself. The Storm Troopers are the villains that you love to hate if you're a Star Wars fan. They are mean and cool looking. It's hard not to like them. So don't be afraid. Get your Storm Trooper love on this Holiday season!

Storm Trooper-Cool Hoodies

3.Shark Hoodie

Sharks are all the rage right now in American culture. Of you want proof of that look no further than "Shark Week", a yearly occurrence on the animal channels. Let's make a long story short, people love sharks. These hoodies are cool, colorful and depict a Sharks head when you zip them up. What more could you want in a hoodie?

Shark Hoodie-Cool Hoodies


I know we are a good month and a half past Halloween. But when you see a hoodie like this it puts you back in that spirit. This is an oldie but a goody. The good old skeleton hoodie was probably one of the first novelty hoodies put out on the market. Another good thing about this hoodie is that the price is probably low because it isn't Halloween. Cool and cost effective, it doesn't get much better than that.

Skeleton-Cool Hoodies

5.Polar Bear

We got something for the Ladies in our next hoodie. Come on Ladies you didn't think that we would only have stuff for the guys did you? There is one word that comes to mind when I look at this one. Adorable, so guys if you want to score some major points this holiday season, get the lady in your life this cute hoodie.

Polar Bear-Cool Hoodies


Let's stick with the superhero thing for a while. Why you may ask? Because I'm digging it that's why. Now that we got that out of the way, allow me to tell you why this hoodie is awesome. First off its Batman, he is the capped crusader. Batman is probably the coolest superhero out there. He's rich has an awesome car and always wears black. Another reason why this hoodie awesome it has the abs of steal that Batman is famous for. This would be good for me because it will make me look like I work out.

Batman-Cool Hoodies


We are back on our Super hero kick. This time it's the teenage wonder himself Spiderman. Spiderman is a superhero classic, and it's easy to see why. What American teenage boy would not want to become a superhero while earning your High School diploma? This hoodie wraps all that awesome into one garment. When you zip it up it even has the mask. How awesome is that?

Spiderman-Cool Hoodies

8.Pac-Man Hoodie

Pac man is one game that every one of all ages can get behind. It's fun and simple. People off all can understand this video game classic. Since Pac-Man is so awesome its only fitting that it would have its own hoodie. Guess what? It does! Yes it's real and its real and it's stupendous. If you could pick up only one hoodie this holiday season consider making this one your choice.

Pac-Man Hoodie-Cool Hoodies


Star wars is a mega franchise that has been captivating the minds of nerd since the late 1970's. One would be hard pressed to find a franchise tat has put out more merchandise then the Star Wars guys, so you know they make hoodies. This particular one is really cool it's an R2D2 hoodie. R2D2 is one of the most beloved Star Wars characters of all times. It kind of makes me feel bad for C3PO.

R2D2-Cool Hoodies

10.The Joker

Who does not love the Batman franchise? I mean really if anyone is not down with Batman please stand up..see I didn't think so. With that being said, there are many cool characters that could be made into hoodies, but there is one that trumps all. The Joker has to be one of the coolest Villains of all time. A hoodie that encompasses all that awesome is one that you will defiantly want to get this winter.

The Joker-Cool Hoodies


Are you a member of the Kiss Army? If you are you can now get a Kiss hoodie! That's right they actually made a hoodie for the band kiss! That is all kinds of awesome. Guess which member of Kiss they chose for the hoodie. If you said Peter Criss, you're an idiot..just kidding. Come on though of course it's Gene Simmons. The best part of this one is that it has Simmons famous tongue is even painted on!

Kiss-Cool Hoodies


This Hoodie is awesome for various reasons. First and foremost it looks like Jason! That is hardcore if you ask me. Another reason is you can use this hoodie as a Halloween costume. This will sure to scare your friends when you show up at there doorstep wearing this.

Jason-Cool Hoodies



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