Bizarre Body Modification Implants

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 4:07 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Breast implants

There was a time when breast implants were considered strange and invasive alterations to the human body. Those days are no more. These days an actress/dancer/ model like Coco Austin understands the impact that such augmentations can have on a career. Especially for an actress/dancer/models with no actual talent.

Breast implants-Bizarre Body Modification Implants

2.Stretched ear lobes (old school)

This lovely young woman is from a tribe in Africa that has maintained the odd tradition of ear lobe-stretching jewelry for centuries. Right now, she's deeply contemplating the significance of following tribal traditions while also reciting to herself an old African proverb that roughly translates to "Ouch!

Stretched ear lobes (old school)-Bizarre Body Modification Implants

3.Stretched earlobes (new school)

You probably know this guy. He's the dude that works behind the counter at your favorite coffee shop. You've wanted to ask him the story behind his ear lobes, but it would be kind of awkward. So you just assume he's from a tribe in Africa you've never heard of.

Stretched earlobes (new school)-Bizarre Body Modification Implants

4.Heart locket hand

There is probably some romantic symbolism behind the gesture made by this individual. I imagine that it is a loving tribute to the mate he hopes to spent all eternity with. At least I hope so. If not, he'll have to be reminded of her every time somebody asks, "Dude what is that weird thing on your hand?"

Heart locket hand-Bizarre Body Modification Implants

5.Forehead implant

Dr. Ramsey: Nurse Lane, is the patient recovering after the surgery? Nurse Lane: Yes, doctor he's doing fine. Dr. Ramsey: Great. Let's go have a bite to eat. I'm starving! Nurse Lane: But Doctor, didn't you eat that donut I left in the operating room? Dr. Ramsey: Um... oops!

Forehead implant-Bizarre Body Modification Implants

6.Arm implants

Remember when tattooing the word "mother" on your arm was considered a bold move? This young man probably doesn't. He probably belongs to a very different world with a very different attitude about what is permissible to do with your body. Or maybe those lumps just say "Mother" in braille.

Arm implants-Bizarre Body Modification Implants

7.Skull hands

This look is beyond cool. It is dangerous and weird and attention-getting in the best possible way. But I imagine there are times when he regrets his decision to have this unusual form of body altering. Like for example, whenever he tries to use his hands for anything.

Skull hands-Bizarre Body Modification Implants

8.Implanted everything

This appears to be a man who sought so many implanted augmentations to his face that it would be difficult for his own parents to recognize him. It's not entirely clear what his reasons were. But I'd love to have anyone point out to me what on his face is original.

Implanted everything-Bizarre Body Modification Implants

9.Implanted but innocent

This adorable young lady has altered her looks in a number of fairly conspicuous ways: nose stud, cheek stud, implants above the chest, hearts on her hands. But notice that she is covering her breasts. This is understandable. Because, after all, she doesn't want to look unladylike.

Implanted but innocent-Bizarre Body Modification Implants

10.Abdomen lumps

Here's another ladylike female who somehow decided that she needed her appearance to be augmented through invasive surgery. Just keep in mind that decades from now she may have to explain to her grandchildren why her abdomen looks like something from another galaxy. I wish her good luck in advance!

Abdomen lumps-Bizarre Body Modification Implants

11.Implanted heart

Now this is a breathtakingly romantic gesture! A young woman gets a raised implanted heart just above her real heart. Let's just hope she doesn't ever find herself getting punched in the chest. Not only would it be painful, it might just result in her suffering a broken heart.

Implanted heart-Bizarre Body Modification Implants

12.Star chest

My guess is that this fellow made a decision to place something inside his body that indicated to the world that he is his own man and that he rejects any attempt by society to force him into conformity. Either that or he made a decision to swallow a starfish whole.

Star chest-Bizarre Body Modification Implants

13.Implanted horns

The only thing needed to complete this man's satanic makeover would be to have the number 666 printed on the front of forehead. Unless, of course, it turns out that his inspiration was actually goat-like in nature, in which case perhaps a small beard would be more appropriate.

Implanted horns-Bizarre Body Modification Implants

14.Forearm lumps

If you're anything like me, your first impulse upon seeing this man's arm would be to rush him to an emergency room as he has clearly come down with some kind of hives, perhaps as a result of a deadly virus. But no, this medical condition is entirely voluntary.

Forearm lumps-Bizarre Body Modification Implants

15.Implanted corset

This is a captivating choice of a body modification. It's an implant that is pretty visible from the outside. Think of it as a corset that you don't take off (until a visit to your surgeon). The only question is: what do you do when you want to dry clean this corset?

Implanted corset-Bizarre Body Modification Implants

16.Elf Ears

Being an Elf had never been cooler than before. Some movie fanatics go for this painful stitching of upper ears to look like an Elf, The procedure is called Ear Pointing. The modified ear is then implanted with fancy objects to give an Elf look. Not being judgmental here but what do they get exactly? It's not like you can get the powers of an Elf? Not to forget you can never get your natural ear shape back again.

Elf Ears-Bizarre Body Modification Implants

17.Extraocular Implant

Eye is probably the most beautiful and amazing sense organ of our body. It allows you to see the beautiful world around you but some people find it too mainstream to have an eye without something fancy in there. They want to have a platinum alloy inserted under their cornea to make them stand out in public. But my question is what does it give them except for the attention? If satisfaction, What kind of satisfaction? What if something goes wrong during or after the implant, What are they going to do then?

Extraocular Implant-Bizarre Body Modification Implants



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