Bizarre Body Modification Implants

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 4:07 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.Breast implants

There was a time when breast implants were considered strange and invasive alterations to the human body. Those days are no more. These days an actress/dancer/ model like Coco Austin understands the impact that such augmentations can have on a career. Especially for an actress/dancer/models with no actual talent.

Breast implants-Bizarre Body Modification Implants
2.Stretched ear lobes (old school)

This lovely young woman is from a tribe in Africa that has maintained the odd tradition of ear lobe-stretching jewelry for centuries. Right now, she's deeply contemplating the significance of following tribal traditions while also reciting to herself an old African proverb that roughly translates to "Ouch!

Stretched ear lobes (old school)-Bizarre Body Modification Implants

3.Stretched earlobes (new school)

You probably know this guy. He's the dude that works behind the counter at your favorite coffee shop. You've wanted to ask him the story behind his ear lobes, but it would be kind of awkward. So you just assume he's from a tribe in Africa you've never heard of.

Stretched earlobes (new school)-Bizarre Body Modification Implants

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