Bizarre Body Modification Implants

Tuesday, Feb 23, 2021, 4:07 pm
By:Tony Williams

7.Skull hands

This look is beyond cool. It is dangerous and weird and attention-getting in the best possible way. But I imagine there are times when he regrets his decision to have this unusual form of body altering. Like for example, whenever he tries to use his hands for anything.

Skull hands-Bizarre Body Modification Implants
8.Implanted everything

This appears to be a man who sought so many implanted augmentations to his face that it would be difficult for his own parents to recognize him. It's not entirely clear what his reasons were. But I'd love to have anyone point out to me what on his face is original.

Implanted everything-Bizarre Body Modification Implants

9.Implanted but innocent

This adorable young lady has altered her looks in a number of fairly conspicuous ways: nose stud, cheek stud, implants above the chest, hearts on her hands. But notice that she is covering her breasts. This is understandable. Because, after all, she doesn't want to look unladylike.

Implanted but innocent-Bizarre Body Modification Implants