24 Funniest Women Logic

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 5:35 pm
By:Tony Williams

After years of studies, Scientists and men around the world are yet to understand women. They are probably the most complicated yet so simple creatures at times. Among all the studies done by most men around the world, These 24 women logic seems to be common among women. Hope you enjoy it as much I did writing it.
1.But you mentioned it??

So women give you two options and you choose the wrong one, which always happens, and then suddenly they comment how they do not like that option anyway. Why give it to us then??? It just feels like a trap.

But you mentioned it??-24 Funniest Women Logic

2.But you are ignoring me??

You see if a guy is being told that he is being ignored, then he will not bother talking because what is the point? However, it seems that we end up getting into trouble for doing that as well such is the bizarre nature of women.

But you are ignoring me??-24 Funniest Women Logic

3.Oh a sale is different

Yep this is an annoying one because if something is on sale, then suddenly they need it and it is a bargain, but they would scoff at it if that was the normal price. That is just a strange shopping logic.

Oh a sale is different-24 Funniest Women Logic

4.Yeah that's it put it back

If you take red out and then put it back what on earth are you doing? To guys this makes absolutely no sense at all and the fact that women spend a fortune on the products to do this just makes it even worse.

Yeah that's it put it back-24 Funniest Women Logic

5.Women are nosy

There is no doubt that women are nosy and this is the perfect example of them being like this and also the logic that they apply to any given situation. Does any of this make sense to guys? Probably not.

Women are nosy-24 Funniest Women Logic

6.Pull your own chair out

You see if it was equal then we would be taking turns to pull out chairs and hold doors open, but then if guys do not do it, then they are seen as being ignorant pigs. Erm is this how equality works?

Pull your own chair out-24 Funniest Women Logic

7.But we just spent time??

Guys are sitting agreeing here that they have been in this very situation and how frustrating is it? We spend time with them and then get accused of not doing so just because we want to do our own thing for 5 minutes??

But we just spent time??-24 Funniest Women Logic

8.Yeah that makes sense

You see guys will tend to be a bit more sensible when it comes to things such as winter boots, but practicality seems to go out of the window when you are female. Instead, it is more about the fashion statement and forget about the fact that when you are in winter and it is ice you are like Bambi.

Yeah that makes sense-24 Funniest Women Logic


You see women are just angry in general and that does of course mean that we are unable to win. At this point you just need to understand that they are illogical and the sooner you realize that the easier it becomes.

Just..angry-24 Funniest Women Logic

10.They always mean the opposite

As men we have to be good at understanding the opposite of what a woman is actually saying because that is the only way in which we can survive. If they say something they are often looking for a reaction, but boy do we need to give the right one.

They always mean the opposite-24 Funniest Women Logic

11.And we are the bad ones?

Are we the bad ones here when you have more than one guy on the go at any given time? This is not exactly a good example of equality is it?

And we are the bad ones?-24 Funniest Women Logic

12.But that's what you said!!!

You see if you turn around and say that you are ok, then we are going to believe you. However, if you do not actually mean that you are ok, then do not say it so we can help. Is there anything difficult in that??

But that's what you said!!!-24 Funniest Women Logic

13.Do we look with one eye?

This is another situation where it is impossible for guys to actually win. If we look it is wrong and if we don't look, then they question our sexuality. What do we do next?

Do we look with one eye?-24 Funniest Women Logic

14.Just give up

With this kind of logic is it any surprise that a lot of guys just give up? How can we possibly win when this is going on?

Just give up-24 Funniest Women Logic


Now the thing about equality is that things are equal, hence the word, but that also means that you cannot have special treatment. The problem here is in trying to explain this to them as they just do not get it.

Equality?-24 Funniest Women Logic

16.Well don't dress like that?

You see in this situation the logical thing to do is to dress differently, but then for women that is also not an option. Instead, guys are expected not to look at them, but then they would complain at people not looking at them as well.

Well don't dress like that?-24 Funniest Women Logic

17.We are sorry

What chance do guys have when this kind of thing goes on? How can we be to blame for something that they dream and then expect to say sorry for it? What kind of messed up logic is that?

We are sorry-24 Funniest Women Logic

18.Why do this?

Yeah this one is very annoying because if you do not want people to notice your ass, then stop putting advertising on it that automatically draws attention to it. If you do this you lose the right to complain about it.

Why do this?-24 Funniest Women Logic

19.What's the difference?

If you enjoy being looked at when half naked and in a bikini, then surely being in your underwear is not a big deal? What is actually the difference here?

What's the difference?-24 Funniest Women Logic

20.A common event

Guys around the world will be in agreement here that this is a common event and it is one that we are powerless to stop. There is just no rhyme or reason to this and we should just give up trying to understand.

A common event-24 Funniest Women Logic

21.Unable to win

Using this logic it is completely impossible for men to win because apparently we are to blame for every single part of it and if anybody cheats it is down to us. They talk about equality?

Unable to win-24 Funniest Women Logic

22.But you liked it?

Going shopping with a woman is a nightmare because you end up being dragged around the stores until they end up going back and buying the thing they liked at the start. At least with guys you like it you buy it.

But you liked it?-24 Funniest Women Logic

23.What is the point?

If guys shaved and then got a pen and drew a beard on they would be told by their girlfriend or wife that they were insane, but then they go and do this with their eyebrows. Where is the logic in this?

What is the point?-24 Funniest Women Logic

24.Work it out

Go ahead and try to figure this one out. How is it possible to want all of this and then go and date the complete opposite? Is it any wonder that guys end up getting totally confused?

Work it out-24 Funniest Women Logic



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