24 Funniest Women Logic

Saturday, Aug 22, 2020, 5:35 pm
By:Tony Williams

After years of studies, Scientists and men around the world are yet to understand women. They are probably the most complicated yet so simple creatures at times. Among all the studies done by most men around the world, These 24 women logic seems to be common among women. Hope you enjoy it as much I did writing it.
4.Yeah that's it put it back

If you take red out and then put it back what on earth are you doing? To guys this makes absolutely no sense at all and the fact that women spend a fortune on the products to do this just makes it even worse.

Yeah that's it put it back-24 Funniest Women Logic
5.Women are nosy

There is no doubt that women are nosy and this is the perfect example of them being like this and also the logic that they apply to any given situation. Does any of this make sense to guys? Probably not.

Women are nosy-24 Funniest Women Logic

6.Pull your own chair out

You see if it was equal then we would be taking turns to pull out chairs and hold doors open, but then if guys do not do it, then they are seen as being ignorant pigs. Erm is this how equality works?

Pull your own chair out-24 Funniest Women Logic