15 Hilarious Wrong Number Conversations

Sunday, Mar 28, 2021, 7:18 am
By:James Fraser

We all get those wrong number texts now and then, but gosh, many of us have never responded to them in a way that these 15 people did!  Instead of ignoring the messages or politely letting the other person know that their message had reached a wrong person, the peeps trolled them in the hilarious way possible. Imagine sending sensitive, awkward, or seductive texts to a wrong person accidentally, and see in your mind's eye how embarrassing the situation could be! Read such crazy wrong number conversations; we promise you are going to laugh hard!
4.This is a Standard Cat

This picture will make you giggle. Even the person who wrongly sent the message had a good laugh in the end.

This is a Standard Cat-15 Hilarious Wrong Number Conversations

5.A Moment of Silence For This Brother Who Got Trolled

Oh man, not again! Dudes from all over the world get wrong numbers from girls they usually meet at clubs or pubs. Well, he is not alone. When a girl gives you the wrong number, it straightaway means she is not interested in you. You should probably try for another girl, or should work on your 'skills' if you keep getting wrong numbers.

A Moment of Silence For This Brother Who Got Trolled-15 Hilarious Wrong Number Conversations

6.Don't Mess With This Man

Some guys are totally weird. They don't quite behave like they belong to this planet. All of us have at least one friend who is a complete weirdo. Here in the picture, you can see one such guy trolling a person who sent a wrong text to him.

Don't Mess With This Man-15 Hilarious Wrong Number Conversations