15 Funniest 'The Morning After Hangover' Texts

Saturday, Jul 9, 2022, 5:51 am
By:James Fraser

The rich drinks it. The poor drinks it. Ah, talk about social equality! A pint of beer is what people need to celebrate, and a shot of vodka is what they turn to when they are sad. Alcohol is soothing. It is happiness. You would never want the bliss to end, but wait - there's hangover. It's horrible than the flu, "wine flu" you may want to call it! Do you know what's worse than a hangover? Checking your phone's inbox and finding funny, inappropriate, and totally stupid texts you sent to your friends, family members, or even exes! Read 15 such hilarious "the morning after" texts.
10.Go Pikachu, Go!

This was sad. We hope the hamster wasn't dead. When you are drunk, you may tend to hurt people or pets knowingly or unknowingly. In this case, we feel sad for that poor hamster who wasn't a Pikachu, or can't become one. Nevertheless, this text sounds funny.

Go Pikachu, Go!-15 Funniest 'The Morning After Hangover' Texts

11.A Cat is Lion When You are Drunk

This is another hilarious drunk text. This was good because the drunk person here just petted the cat and hasn't done anything absurd like the one who threw a hamster. The funny thing here is this man confused cat to a little lion. It looks like he's not completely out of his hangover, as he says the cat was orange to defend himself.

A Cat is Lion When You are Drunk-15 Funniest 'The Morning After Hangover' Texts

12.Like How Dogs Try to Catch Their Tails

If you are drunk, you are sure to make some really embarrassing things that will haunt you for weeks or even months! Here you can see a drunk dude who was trolled by his friend. We simply say 'impossible' or 'f*ck off' when someone asks us to bite our own nose. Drunk people say "Dude! hold my beer"! 

Like How Dogs Try to Catch Their Tails-15 Funniest 'The Morning After Hangover' Texts