15 Funniest 'The Morning After Hangover' Texts

Saturday, Jul 9, 2022, 5:51 am
By:James Fraser

The rich drinks it. The poor drinks it. Ah, talk about social equality! A pint of beer is what people need to celebrate, and a shot of vodka is what they turn to when they are sad. Alcohol is soothing. It is happiness. You would never want the bliss to end, but wait - there's hangover. It's horrible than the flu, "wine flu" you may want to call it! Do you know what's worse than a hangover? Checking your phone's inbox and finding funny, inappropriate, and totally stupid texts you sent to your friends, family members, or even exes! Read 15 such hilarious "the morning after" texts.
7.Have You Ever Been This Drunk?

The good thing is this guy isn't creating a drama or messing with people around. He's simply enjoying a comedy TV show on a TV that wasn't even powered on! Illusions, illusions everywhere! This is truly hilarious. Have you ever been this drunk before?

Have You Ever Been This Drunk?-15 Funniest 'The Morning After Hangover' Texts

8.That's Not How You Make Apple Juice

Everything after Friday night will be fine and good unless a buddy of yours text you telling what you have done last night! As you can see here, this drunk dude wanted to drink apple juice. He put his friend's wife's Apple iPhone in blender! Did he get iJuice?

That's Not How You Make Apple Juice-15 Funniest 'The Morning After Hangover' Texts

9.Obese Penguin Bwahaha!

Alcohol gives you much needed courage to take a step forward and do something that you are struggling to do because of many reasons! This drunk girl kissed this guy on prom night, which was cool but she also called him 'obese penguin', which would have spoiled his mood! Oh boy, she is crazy!

Obese Penguin Bwahaha!-15 Funniest 'The Morning After Hangover' Texts