15 Funniest 'The Morning After Hangover' Texts

Saturday, Jul 9, 2022, 5:51 am
By:James Fraser

The rich drinks it. The poor drinks it. Ah, talk about social equality! A pint of beer is what people need to celebrate, and a shot of vodka is what they turn to when they are sad. Alcohol is soothing. It is happiness. You would never want the bliss to end, but wait - there's hangover. It's horrible than the flu, "wine flu" you may want to call it! Do you know what's worse than a hangover? Checking your phone's inbox and finding funny, inappropriate, and totally stupid texts you sent to your friends, family members, or even exes! Read 15 such hilarious "the morning after" texts.
13.Just Some Dumb Drunk Moments

Thank god, this guy didn't break the fish tank. Let's hope this guy wasn't there in some public place while doing that 'Finding Nemo' thing, pressing his face against fish tank and singing 'just keep swimming' song. The way he was defending himself even after knowing what he did the last night was unbelievably hilarious.

Just Some Dumb Drunk Moments-15 Funniest 'The Morning After Hangover' Texts

14.He Almost Burnt Himself There

When you are drunk, you even do things that may hurt you badly. Here, you could see a drunk guy screaming 'Diagon Alley' standing right next to a fireplace. What's next? Throw some random powder and jump right in? No way! Drink less, and stay safe!

He Almost Burnt Himself There -15 Funniest 'The Morning After Hangover' Texts

15.Challenged an Orange

You do all sorts of stupid and silly things when drunk. Trying to annoy a orange wasn't a big thing when compared to the nonsense some drunk people usually do. Nevertheless, this was funny. Drinking is fine as long as it's done in limits! Be responsible, drink less, and stay safe!

Challenged an Orange-15 Funniest 'The Morning After Hangover' Texts