12 Hilarious Bear Puns That Will Make You Cry

Friday, Aug 21, 2020, 12:16 pm
By:James Fraser

Bear readers, oops… dear readers, the bear puns you are about to read are funny, and you are going to love them as much as Germans love their beer! Bears are a lot like humans! Do you know why? They are hairy, lazy, and they eat meat and veggies just like us. Furthermore, polar bears, black bears, grizzlies, and pandas are like white people, black people, brown people, and Asians of the forest! Wait, we almost forgot that we need to talk about bear puns, not bears! Thanks for bearing our boring bear lecture, and here are the 12 funny bear puns you are waiting to read! 
4.Bear Hands!

"I built this with my bear hands." 
Dear all people who love to read quality puns, here's your treat for the day. You don't read "pawsome" puns like these every day, do you? The reason we call it special is the play on words here is perfect. The two terms bear and bare are perfect homonyms. They didn't significantly change the meaning of the sentence even when we used them interchangeably. Now, that's the sign of a great pun. This "extrawordinary" bear pun deserves a nomination for the Best Pun of the Topic Award! What do you say? 

Bear Hands!-12 Hilarious Bear Puns That Will Make You Cry

5.The Right To Bear Arms!

"Everyone has right to bear arms? In Soviet Russia, we have right to whole bear!" 
This joke is older than dirt! Let's twist it and make it a little more interesting. How about a "right to arm bears?" A bear with a gun is the sassiest thing you will ever see! By the way, it isn't against the law to keep a bear as a pet in Russia. Russians just need to make sure their pet bears don't pose a threat to people living in the neighborhood. Interestingly, it isn't illegal to keep bears as pets in the American states of Nevada, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Delaware

The Right To Bear Arms! -12 Hilarious Bear Puns That Will Make You Cry

6.This "Punny" Question

What Do You Call a Bear With No Teeth? A Gummy Bear!
Hey, do you want to be that funny guy or girl your friends love a lot? If so, ask them this weird question! Let's help you with by listing down few more "punny" questions! Try to answer these questions first.
1. Why is Chris Brown? 
2. What does David Cook? 
3. When will Orlando Bloom?
4. Where did Rachelle Ann Go?
5. What does Jeremy Irons?

This "Punny" Question-12 Hilarious Bear Puns That Will Make You Cry