15 People Who Were Caught Taking A Quick Nap At Work

Friday, Aug 13, 2021, 5:51 pm
By:James Fraser

How many of you feel sleepy during work hours at office? We guess many of you feel. Go to any office and you see at least half a dozen people trying everything they could to stop falling sleep. A quick nap will not solve their problem! Why? It's all because of bad lifestyle habits like sleeping late at night. Feeling sleepy during day time can be a symptom for underlying sleep disorders or just incurable laziness. Here are 15 people(like some of us) who were caught taking a quick nap at work.
4.Cop Caught Sleeping While on Duty

Unfortunately, people working in security domain like cops, guards or soldiers can't afford to take naps during work, at least when they are on duty. You can check a lady police officer sleeping in the image. Going by the image, the place looks like it is a prison. Sleeping while on duty is considered serious in professions related to public safety. Officers may be fined or suspended if they were caught sleeping at work.

Cop Caught Sleeping While on Duty-15 People Who Were Caught Taking A Quick Nap At Work

5.Making Best Use of Cubicle

If you think cubicles/workstations are meant only for work, you are wrong! This lady in the picture demonstrated how to make best use of cubicle beyond working! All you daytime nappers who can't stay awake in office can learn a lesson or two from this lady. But, make sure you don't break your cubicle or lose job while in the process of trying to sleep on cubicle.

Making Best Use of Cubicle-15 People Who Were Caught Taking A Quick Nap At Work

6.Taking a Quick Nap on Road

People who are into physical jobs deserve a naptime just to relax themselves. However, sleeping during work hours isn't that good. Here, you can see an employee sleeping on road. He looks like he was very tired. Sleeping on roads is very dangerous, and we strongly think those traffic pylons may not protect him from something terrible happening.

Taking a Quick Nap on Road-15 People Who Were Caught Taking A Quick Nap At Work