15 Mall Fails That Are Hard To Unsee

Monday, Aug 17, 2020, 6:23 pm
By:James Fraser

Shopping malls are one good place to spend a weekend with friends or family. They are a heaven to those who love shopping and can't live without it. If you are a frequent visitor to a shopping mall, you will occasionally find those 'fails' or funny things, which you will remember for a long time. Here are fifteen hilarious fails happened in shopping malls that are hard to unsee.
4.This Wrongly Placed Feedback Note

Imagine the plight of those people who have clicked that security alarm buzzer hoping to give some feedback! That can be embarrassing. It is good to take feedback from your customers. However, you need to make sure you ask them in a right way. This fail is hilarious!

This Wrongly Placed Feedback Note-15 Mall Fails That Are Hard To Unsee

5.That's Not How You Welcome Customers

This mannequin is funny yet cool. You don't always find a mannequin, which is as flexible as this. However, when you do find them, the first thing you will do is change it the way you want! Customers of this clothes store can't take their hands off this mannequin. One of the customers has made this mannequin to show a middle finger to people!

That's Not How You Welcome Customers-15 Mall Fails That Are Hard To Unsee

6.Clever Advertising May Be?

That was a fail. However, that was not one of those fails that dent business's earnings! That fail has become an instant attraction to the visitors. After that 'Shoe' became 'hoe', more and more people started noticing the store. Check what difference one missing alphabet can make! Free publicity on internet is a bonus!

Clever Advertising May Be?-15 Mall Fails That Are Hard To Unsee