15 Mall Fails That Are Hard To Unsee

Thursday, Aug 12, 2021, 6:23 pm
By:James Fraser

Shopping malls are one good place to spend a weekend with friends or family. They are a heaven to those who love shopping and can't live without it. If you are a frequent visitor to a shopping mall, you will occasionally find those 'fails' or funny things, which you will remember for a long time. Here are fifteen hilarious fails happened in shopping malls that are hard to unsee.
7.Just a Step Away from Being Offensive

This was a floor design that was spotted at one of the malls in Pennsylvania. Though this design doesn't completely look like Nazi symbol, it has enough resemblance to take a note of it.  The design was not incomplete, and looks sketchy.

Just a Step Away from Being Offensive-15 Mall Fails That Are Hard To Unsee

8.This WTF Statue in Spain Mall

Unless you live in Spain, you will find this picture funny and awkward. What you are seeing in the picture is a statue of pooping elf, which is called Caganer in Catalonian region of Spain. Caganer is a part of Spain's traditional Christmas decoration. Pooping elf represents equality, as all humans on this planet poop irrespective of their gender, race, and religion.

This WTF Statue in Spain Mall-15 Mall Fails That Are Hard To Unsee

9.More Awkward Decorative Items

You simply can't unsee these penis balloons when you see them at a mall. These Christmas decorative balloons sure are a big no to many people. People with wicked sense of humor will pick them anyway! Except for decoration, one can't use these balloons in any other way!

More Awkward Decorative Items-15 Mall Fails That Are Hard To Unsee