15 Hilarious Dog Texts

Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 8:35 pm
By:James Fraser

Dogs are the most loved animal species on this planet. Have you ever wondered what it will be like to own a dog that can actually talk? If a dog can speak, will it be talking to us in an obliging manner, as it always behaves, or will it talk to us like our friend who cracks jokes on us, or with us? 
13.World’s Dumbest Dog Award goes to…

Claim the reward? From whom? This little dog missed the smallest of life’s logics, sounding absolutely dumb and cute at the same time. 

World’s Dumbest Dog Award goes to…-15 Hilarious Dog Texts

14.The Letter is Yummy, but not as much as Postman’s Hand

The dog did not eat homework, but ate a letter from his bank this time. It is shamelessly sharing the news with its owner, telling him the letter ‘tasted’ a little important. 

The Letter is Yummy, but not as much as Postman’s Hand-15 Hilarious Dog Texts

15.Thunder Twonk, the Two Legged Twat Monkey

We must feel glad that we are named by our parents, not by dogs, random animals or name-generator robots! See how a dog named its master ‘Thunder Twonk’, and came up with an even more interesting tagline ‘the two legged twat monkey’!

Thunder Twonk, the Two Legged Twat Monkey -15 Hilarious Dog Texts