Top 18 Celebs With Plastic Surgery

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 6:33 pm
By:Mike Litzler

1.Heidi Montag (Before & After)

Heidi Montag wasn't happy with the body God gave her, so she went ahead and create a completely new body for herself. Ten plastic surgery procedures later and Heidi Montag's career is still dead. The reality star went from having a cute girl next door look, to looking like an extra from the movie Showgirls.

Heidi Montag (Before & After)-Top 18 Celebs With Plastic Surgery

2.Joan Rivers (Before & After)

When Joan Rivers turned 80 in June, her face turned 45. While some celebrities have denied having plastic surgery, Rivers has been very vocal about her procedures. She's probably one of the few celebs who actually embraces her fellow plastic friends. Too bad she didn't embrace a mirror after her first surgery, to see that she ruined her face.

Joan Rivers (Before & After)-Top 18 Celebs With Plastic Surgery

3.Lisa Rinna (Before & After)

Lisa Rinna had a sultry look most women would die for. Her body is still smoking', but thanks to the silicone, Botox and Juvederm injections she had inserted into her lips, her mouth looks like it belongs to a 80-year-old grandma. Rather than being known for her years as a decorated soap actress, she is recognized for her distorted soup coolers.

Lisa Rinna (Before & After)-Top 18 Celebs With Plastic Surgery

4.Jocelyn Wildenstein (Before & After)

Jocelyn Wildenstein is known as one of the worst plastic surgery victims to ever walk this earth. It's been rumored that she spent $4,000,000 on all of her surgeries. Suffice it to say, her doctor made off like a bandit. Wilderstein allegedly had the surgeries to look more cat-like because her ex-husband, Alec, love cats. I would do anything for love too, but I won't do that.

Jocelyn Wildenstein (Before & After)-Top 18 Celebs With Plastic Surgery

5.Tara Reid (Before & After)

In the 90s, Tara Reid was considered one of the hottest girls on the planet. She decided to get liposculpting so she could have six-pack abs for a movie role. I guess Ms. Reid never heard of Planet Fitness. The actress also had her brea*ts done because in her eyes, they were uneven. As a result, she became deformed, with both her abs and breasts looking like a pile of lumpy mashed potatoes.

Tara Reid (Before & After)-Top 18 Celebs With Plastic Surgery

6.Jennifer Grey (Before & After)

Jennifer Grey took the one feature she was known for, and butchered it. She was known for unique nose, and even though she didn't like it, it suits her. Instead of getting the nose job before breaking into the entertainment business, she waited until after. She had two rhinoplasty procedures, with the second being done to correct the problems that stemmed from the first. The surgery left her unrecognizable and stalled her career. Her appearance on Dancing with the Stars was supposed to revamp her career, but it did not.

Jennifer Grey (Before & After)-Top 18 Celebs With Plastic Surgery

7.Tamar Braxton (Before & After)

If it wasn't for her last name, you wouldn't believe that Tamar Braxton is the little singer of Grammy winner Toni Braxton. The pressures of becoming a singer herself must have been the catalyst that led Tamar to getting plastic surgery. Braxton has obviously had work done to her lips, cheeks, and nose. However, if you ask the singer if she's had any work done and she will tell you "No."

Tamar Braxton (Before & After)-Top 18 Celebs With Plastic Surgery

8.NeNe Leakes (Before & After)

Once NeNe Leakes got her hands on some Real Housewives of Atlanta money, she decided to upgrade her appearance. Leakes proudly says she got a breast lift, rhinoplasty, and liposuction. If anything falls, I pick it up," NeNe told Us Weekly. Leakes has said that as long as she doesn't look plastic, then a nip and tuck is okay. Guess NeNe Leakes needs a new mirror.

NeNe Leakes (Before & After)-Top 18 Celebs With Plastic Surgery

9.Bruce Jenner (Before & After)

Bruce Jenner went from a masculine Olympian, to a man with very feminine features. In the 'after' photo, Jenner's jawline is more defined, his eyebrows are tweezed to the high heavens and his nose is thinned out. A man who once had women swooning over him left and right in the 70s is now a plastic surgery nightmare. Jenner has gone on record to say he regrets having cosmetic surgery.

Bruce Jenner (Before & After)-Top 18 Celebs With Plastic Surgery

10.Nikki Cox (Before & After)

Actress Nikki Cox's 'after' photo looks like a funny Photoshop fail, but it's really what the model looks like today. Her mouth is so cartoon-like that it doesn't look like it belongs on her face. Additionally, some also speculate that she has had breast augmentation. Cox has denied having surgery or using Botox injections and fillers.

Nikki Cox (Before & After)-Top 18 Celebs With Plastic Surgery

11.La Toya Jackson (Before & After)

La Toya Jackson's plastic surgery isn't as drastic as her brother Michael's, but it's still worth talking about. Anyone can see she had rhinoplasty surgery, which changed her look entirely. Her lips in the 'after' photo are noticeably fuller, so she could have had collagen injections as well. Jackson has never spoken out about what surgery she has had, but the proof is in the pudding.

La Toya Jackson (Before & After)-Top 18 Celebs With Plastic Surgery

12.Janice Dickinson (Before & After)

Janice Dickinson was one the most gorgeous models in the business. But with beauty, comes a need for perfection. Her 'before & after' plastic surgery photo is pretty shocking. She looks nothing like her former self. Judging by this photo, she had her lips thinned out, a nose job, and cheek implants. In addition to these, she admits to having a tummy tuck, brea*t augmentation and extensive Botox treatments. Dickinson chronicles her plastic surgery experience in her 2004 memoir, "Everything About Me is Fake.. And I'm Perfect."

Janice Dickinson (Before & After)-Top 18 Celebs With Plastic Surgery

13.Kenny Rogers (Before & After)

Kenny Rogers took a gamble with having plastic surgery and lost. The singer has admitted to having multiple cosmetic procedures, but his eye is the one he doesn't like. Rogers had his eyes surgery (probably an eye-brow lift) done back in 2005, but didn't like the end result. He later on admitted to hating the way his surgeon did his eyes. It also seems as if he's had Botox injections on his forehead.

Kenny Rogers (Before & After)-Top 18 Celebs With Plastic Surgery

14.Kim Kardashian (Before & After)

Kim Kardashian denies having plastic surgery, but this 'before & after' photo says otherwise. Kardashian's nose, mouth, and cheeks have been altered. Her chin also looks noticeably shorter. Kim isn't a rocket scientist, but even she has to realize there are photos of her face, before the surgeries, still circulating the web. 'Thanks' Ray J for bringing The Kardashians into our lives.

Kim Kardashian (Before & After)-Top 18 Celebs With Plastic Surgery

15.Michael Jackson (Before & After)

Michael Jackson had one of the most epic transformations due to plastic surgery. Many joke that he went from being a Black man, to a Caucasian woman. Even though he only admitted to having his nose done, it's obvious he went under the knife for more than that. It was almost as though he had a different surgery done with every album he released, starting with Thriller. Many surgeons speculate he had a cleft put in his chin, various nasal surgeries, a forehead lift, thinned lips, and cheekbone surgery.

Michael Jackson (Before & After)-Top 18 Celebs With Plastic Surgery

16.Pamela Anderson

The Baywatch girl has completely transformed her bust size after several boob jobs over the years. To be honest, I loved the before version of her more than new one.

Pamela Anderson-Top 18 Celebs With Plastic Surgery

17.Lindsay Lohan

"The Parent Trap" star had several facial fillers which has destroyed the natural cute girl look of her and made her face more like a plastic doll, Not to mention her rehab which has made her look even worse. If sources are to be believed, Her half-sister had spent a reported $25,000 to look like her. Crazy, right?

Lindsay Lohan-Top 18 Celebs With Plastic Surgery

18.Ashley Tisdale

The High school musical fame actress also got a nose job and a really good one for that matter. Looking at her lips, It does feel like she had lip injections as well, Btw out of all the celebrities who had plastic surgeries her was quite impressive, but still nothing can beat natural beauty.

Ashley Tisdale-Top 18 Celebs With Plastic Surgery



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