Top 18 Celebs With Plastic Surgery

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 6:33 pm
By:Mike Litzler

1.Heidi Montag (Before & After)

Heidi Montag wasn't happy with the body God gave her, so she went ahead and create a completely new body for herself. Ten plastic surgery procedures later and Heidi Montag's career is still dead. The reality star went from having a cute girl next door look, to looking like an extra from the movie Showgirls.

Heidi Montag (Before & After)-Top 18 Celebs With Plastic Surgery
2.Joan Rivers (Before & After)

When Joan Rivers turned 80 in June, her face turned 45. While some celebrities have denied having plastic surgery, Rivers has been very vocal about her procedures. She's probably one of the few celebs who actually embraces her fellow plastic friends. Too bad she didn't embrace a mirror after her first surgery, to see that she ruined her face.

Joan Rivers (Before & After)-Top 18 Celebs With Plastic Surgery

3.Lisa Rinna (Before & After)

Lisa Rinna had a sultry look most women would die for. Her body is still smoking', but thanks to the silicone, Botox and Juvederm injections she had inserted into her lips, her mouth looks like it belongs to a 80-year-old grandma. Rather than being known for her years as a decorated soap actress, she is recognized for her distorted soup coolers.

Lisa Rinna (Before & After)-Top 18 Celebs With Plastic Surgery

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