Top 18 Celebs With Plastic Surgery

Thursday, Aug 27, 2020, 6:33 pm
By:Mike Litzler

4.Jocelyn Wildenstein (Before & After)

Jocelyn Wildenstein is known as one of the worst plastic surgery victims to ever walk this earth. It's been rumored that she spent $4,000,000 on all of her surgeries. Suffice it to say, her doctor made off like a bandit. Wilderstein allegedly had the surgeries to look more cat-like because her ex-husband, Alec, love cats. I would do anything for love too, but I won't do that.

Jocelyn Wildenstein (Before & After)-Top 18 Celebs With Plastic Surgery
5.Tara Reid (Before & After)

In the 90s, Tara Reid was considered one of the hottest girls on the planet. She decided to get liposculpting so she could have six-pack abs for a movie role. I guess Ms. Reid never heard of Planet Fitness. The actress also had her brea*ts done because in her eyes, they were uneven. As a result, she became deformed, with both her abs and breasts looking like a pile of lumpy mashed potatoes.

Tara Reid (Before & After)-Top 18 Celebs With Plastic Surgery

6.Jennifer Grey (Before & After)

Jennifer Grey took the one feature she was known for, and butchered it. She was known for unique nose, and even though she didn't like it, it suits her. Instead of getting the nose job before breaking into the entertainment business, she waited until after. She had two rhinoplasty procedures, with the second being done to correct the problems that stemmed from the first. The surgery left her unrecognizable and stalled her career. Her appearance on Dancing with the Stars was supposed to revamp her career, but it did not.

Jennifer Grey (Before & After)-Top 18 Celebs With Plastic Surgery