Things You Don't Know About The IPhone

Tuesday, Aug 10, 2021, 3:07 pm
By:Tony Williams

1.iPhone Keyboard Language

The iPhone is available in more than 40 countries around the world. And even with such a broad market, the Apple phone's keyboard is limited. Currently, the iPhone's keyboard only supports 21 languages. The other countries not included in that must have a translator app to help them figure things out.

iPhone Keyboard Language-Things You Don't Know About The IPhone

2.Find My iPhone

Some people will never let their phone leave their side, while others misplace it at every turn. The iPhone has a cool feature that allows you to find your phone if you can't remember where you put it. The feature is under the 'Location Services' section in the 'Settings' menu. Users can make the iPhone sound an alarm so they know its location. If a user has their phone stolen, they can lock it or erase private information remotely with this feature.

Find My iPhone-Things You Don't Know About The IPhone

3.People on their iPhones

Phones have slowly replaced the art of having an in-person conversation. Studies show that 80% of iPhone owners use their phones, on average, over 15 times per day. Some people don't even wash their hands that much in a 24-hour span. This number is probably double for businessmen who are constantly on their phones.

People on their iPhones-Things You Don't Know About The IPhone


4.iPhone Near an Ear

The iPhone must have magical powers. You can swipe it with your hands, drop it on the floor or even sit on it and the backlight will still be shinning as bright as ever. But for some reason, when you place the phone near your ear, the backlight automatically goes off. Of course your ear doesn't need the light, but it's interesting how the phone is able to tell the difference between a finger and an ear.

iPhone Near an Ear-Things You Don't Know About The IPhone

5.Jailbroken iPhone

There's always that one app that the Apple Store refuses to carry. But instances like those just pay a geek to jailbreak your phone and you're all set. Of course this is the completely wrong way to go about it, unless you like taking a risk with a $500 phone. However, over 10% of iPhones are jailbroken. This is a technique that is not condoned by iPhone at all.

Jailbroken iPhone-Things You Don't Know About The IPhone

6.Camera Flash as an Alert

Ringtones can be a distraction when you're in a business meeting. Even enabling the vibrate feature can be loud and distracting if your iPhone is on your desk. The iPhone has a feature that allows you to use the camera flash to alert you when you get a new message. Go to the 'Settings' > 'Accessibility' and then turn ON 'LED flash for alerts.' to "on". This feature works even when your phone is on silent.

Camera Flash as an Alert-Things You Don't Know About The IPhone

7.iPhone Texting

Remember when phones used to be for making phone calls? Yea, that's no longer their primary function. iPhone users spend about 16% of their time on the phone tinkering withand using applications. They spend 19% of their time using the phone for texting and use the phone to make calls only 17% of the time.

iPhone Texting-Things You Don't Know About The IPhone

8.Apple Store Selling iPhones

Anytime an iPhone is about to go on sale, consumers camp out to be the first in line to purchase the phone. Some would probably sell their first born just so they can get their hands on the device. Statistics show that 145.8 million iPhones were sold in the first four years that the smartphone hit the market.

Apple Store Selling iPhones-Things You Don't Know About The IPhone

9.iPhone Advertising

With the iPhone being one of Apple's most lucrative products, the company can't help but invest big bucks into the innovative device.From 2007 to 2011, Apple has spent approximately $647 million on advertising for the iPhone in the United States alone. This figure includes both television, and print ads.

iPhone Advertising-Things You Don't Know About The IPhone

10.iPhone 4

Buyers spend hundreds of dollars on each version of the iPhone. While it's expensive to purchase, the phone isn't costly to make. The most expensive part in the iPhone 4 is the Retina display, which only costs $28.50. In total, the iPhone partsare priced at $200. Now, once you add design and assembly that's a completely different story.

iPhone 4-Things You Don't Know About The IPhone

11.iPhone's Original Name was Purple

Most new items go through name changes, and the iPhone is no different. During the initial stages, the original iPhone development team inhabited a wing of Apple's headquarters and gave it a new name. They called that part of the building, the 'Purple Dorm.' They chose that name because, at the time, the codename for the Apple phone was 'Purple.'Thank goodness the name 'Purple' didn't stick.

iPhone's Original Name was Purple-Things You Don't Know About The IPhone

12.Steve Jobs at Starbucks

Steve Jobs was an intellectual and an innovator; he was also a prankster. Back in 2007, when the iPhone was first introduced to the world, Jobs used it to make a public prank call. He didn't call an exec or a celebrity; instead he called a nearby Starbucks and ordered4,000 lattes. This prank is repeated by several Apple fans to this day.

Steve Jobs at Starbucks-Things You Don't Know About The IPhone

13.Bono of U2 on the iPhone Screen

Bono is one of the greatest rock singers of all time. He's so great that Apple decided to include him in the iPhone. If you thumb through the 'Artists' section of your music library, you'll see the profile of someone singing into a microphone. That shadowy little figure is actually Bono of the rock band U2.

Bono of U2 on the iPhone Screen-Things You Don't Know About The IPhone

14.iPhone's Computer Chip

Even a rival can lend a helping hand from time to time. Apple is huge conglomerate, but it doesn't make all of the components for its widely popular iPhone device. The computer chip (you know the one you never see) that powers the iPhone is actually mass-produced by Apple's rival, Samsung.

iPhone's Computer Chip-Things You Don't Know About The IPhone

15.Vibrating iPhone

Ever wonder what makes the iPhone vibrate? There are nine rare earth minerals used to make the iPhone vibrate, play music, and show different colors on its screen. All of the minerals aren't listed, but several of them are found in the same area. Approximately 90% of these minerals originated in China.

Vibrating iPhone-Things You Don't Know About The IPhone



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