Hot And Fit Celeb Moms

Thursday, Aug 20, 2020, 9:11 am
By:Tony Williams

1.Alessandra Ambrosio

This gorgeous model and actress remains gorgeous still, even after having two kids! She explains that when she is pregnant and post pregnant she simply calls in her personal trainer and works harder.

Alessandra Ambrosio-Hot And Fit Celeb Moms

2.Courtney Cox

The beautiful Courtney still remains in shape today and one of Hollywood's hottest mom's. At age 48 she still sports the same trim and lean body she did a decade ago. She attributes her good figure to eating tons of lean meat and vegetables. She particularly loads up on green veggies for their nutrient properties. Her only exercise is playing with her kids and yoga which helps balance and relax her.

Courtney Cox-Hot And Fit Celeb Moms

3.Halle Berry

Halle is one hot mama at aged 45! She claims that working out has always been a part of her lifestyle. Also, being diabetic gives on a wake-up call as to watching what you eat.

Halle Berry-Hot And Fit Celeb Moms

4.Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore at 51 still looks gorgeous. She claims that in order to keep up her fitness levels since the birth of her kids she has taken up yoga. She loves yoga and says to her that is not a workout it is just so enjoyable.

Julianne Moore-Hot And Fit Celeb Moms

5.Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny has always been a 'skinny girl' she admits. After the birth of her child she did need to work out a little. Bethenny is not a fan of diets. Instead she just tries to watch what she eats.

Bethenny Frankel-Hot And Fit Celeb Moms


Just a few months after her baby was born Beyonce bounced back into shape. When asked how she did it, she laughed and said 'Hard work!'. Beyonce has always worked out to keep her naturally curvy body in shape. She said after the birth of her baby 5 day work outs and eating tons of salad helped.

Beyonce-Hot And Fit Celeb Moms

7.Gisele Bundchen

Gisele has always been lean and slim. That is what got her so well known. There was no exception even after her son was born. Gisele admits after the baby it did take some work, but she seems to be blessed with great genes. She chose Kung Fu and yoga as her work out staples. One tip she shared was that she watched what she ate religiously when she was pregnant.

Gisele Bundchen-Hot And Fit Celeb Moms

8.Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer admits that when she was younger she was a work out fanatic. She has long embraced her naturally curvy body much to the appreciation of her fans. These days she says she is focused on other things like her kids, but being active and eating correctly keep her curves in the right places.

Jennifer Lopez-Hot And Fit Celeb Moms

9.Heidi Klum

Heidi makes keeping in trim seem effortless. She claims it is logic. Choosing the correct things to eat and playing with the kids. She does work out, but seems to find running on the beach and having fun with her children a better work out method.

Heidi Klum-Hot And Fit Celeb Moms

10.Gwen Stefani

This 'selfie' photo of Gwen shows how sleek and pretty she looks even with a baby bump. Who knew that Gwen naturally has a weight problem? She says she sticks to a very strict low calorie diet and works out to keep the weight off. She prefers weight training as her favorite work out regime.

Gwen Stefani-Hot And Fit Celeb Moms

11.Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyn is the first person to admit that her body is not good genes nor just luck. She works out very hard everyday to keep her body looking great. Her regime includes weights and running.

Gwyneth Paltrow-Hot And Fit Celeb Moms

12.Kelly Ripa

Kelly looks fantastic despite having two boys. She claims she was not always so fit and that when she had her kids she realized it was time to start working out since she didn't have as much energy as they did.

Kelly Ripa-Hot And Fit Celeb Moms



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