12 Disgusting Celebrity Habits You Probably Don't Know About

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 6:49 am
By:Tony Williams

We love our celebs, don't we? We kind of see them like they are really special people on the earth! Oh man, the concept of fame really bothers us. Everyone is a human, but only some humans are considered very special. Well, we love our stars so much that sometimes we forget that they are humans as well. They eat what we eat. They do what we do. They are pretty much like us when they are at their home! 
Now, this means they do a lot of things that an ordinary person does, including stupid or nasty things. Yes, they are famous, and they are rich, but that doesn't stop them from doing nasty things. Of course, they do those things privately, and we hardly know anything unless the stars themselves reveal them.
Most people on the planet have some kind of disgusting habits related to hygiene, eating or lifestyle habits. Celebs have them too. From wearing unwashed underwear to use bird poop on face, here are 12 disgusting and utterly gross habits our celebrities have. Well, these aren't any rumors or made-up stories. The stars themselves admitted to having these habits on popular talk shows. You know what kind of questions our talk show hosts ask! Don't you?
1.Donny Osmond

Donny Osmond has been known in the limelight for over 40 years. With his family by his side Osmond has done just about everything there is to do in show business. One thing Osmond also does is not the most pleasant but hey, at least he can admit it. According to Osmond he likes to lick the salt off Pretzels and smell the wet surface. I know this seems crazy but we all have our quirks and bad habits. So let's give Donny a break. Not a big one but a break none the less.

Donny Osmond-12 Disgusting Celebrity Habits You Probably Don't Know About
2.Bill Murray Spiky Chest hair

Chest hair is always linked to masculinity!  Men in the modern generation don't prefer to keep their chest hair, though. However, that was not the case a couple of decades back. Most men including celebrities used to keep their chest hair back in those days.
When we talk about celebrities with chest hair, Bill Murray is one of the few men who comes to our mind. The 'Ghostbusters' star who is known for his all-around comedy is a legendary actor. Few people have had a career as successful or long as Murray has. It's easy to see that the comedian has some quirks about him. One that stood out is that the actor uses hair products on his chest hair. Yes, it's disgusting and weird, but Murray says he likes his chest hair spiky. Hey, maybe that's what keeps him so funny.

Bill Murray Spiky Chest hair-12 Disgusting Celebrity Habits You Probably Don't Know About

3.Chace Crawford -Lucky Underwear

Most of the Ladies know exactly who Chace Crawford is. For those of you who might not be aware of him, he is the heartthrob on the CW hit show 'Gossip Girl' When you look at Chace you would think Clean cut and hygienic, but there is a surprise about the star. He has admitted to wearing his pair of 'Lucky Underwear' to big auditions and shooting projects as well. 
This fact alone may not raise feathers but this might. According to the actor, he wears them even if they are not clean. Yes, underwear superstitions are not just for athletes anymore. Well, most people wear an unwashed underwear at least once in their life, but have a problem when they hear about someone who does that! 

Chace Crawford -Lucky Underwear-12 Disgusting Celebrity Habits You Probably Don't Know About

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