Worst Facebook Parent Fails

Saturday, Aug 29, 2020, 10:12 am
By:Tony Williams

Being a parent is probably the most awesome feeling in the world but it comes with great responsibility. Taking care of kids is not an easy job. So if you are unmarried and thinking of having kids then we advise you to think twice before having kids otherwise things like these happen when you become a irresponsible parent. Here are 12 Facebook parent fails ever.
1.Kid In A Basket

Don't bother getting a proper stroller for your kid. No, just throw him into a cart, folded in half and drag him home. Some mothers just don't care what pain they put their children through and are so self justified that they don't care who sees it and are ridiculous enough to post the picture.

Kid In A Basket-Worst Facebook Parent Fails

A great way to surf the internet and ignore your baby. Just sling it on your back and go about your day, spending hours on your social networks and not caring what the baby might be doing behind you. Maybe this father should search on how to be a good parent.

Ignored-Worst Facebook Parent Fails

3.Bowling Baby

Hopefully this is just a joke, but this mother looks to be bowling with her baby. Maybe that's what she thinks of her kid, that it's a ball around her neck. The kid does not look too comfortable being handled like that and the fact that she is doing it in public and posted this picture is more horrifying.

Bowling Baby-Worst Facebook Parent Fails

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