15 Celebrities With And Without Makeup

Monday, Aug 24, 2020, 9:16 am
By:Mike Litzler

Do you think anyone cares if we, the ordinary people, do not try to look good? What will happen if a celebrity does that? Imagine a celeb waking up in the morning, and coming out to attend an event with no makeup, luxurious clothes, and accessories. We bet they don't look any better than we do! This is the reason why we never see a star, particularly a female singer or actor, without makeup. The following 15 celebrities with and without makeup pictures prove that the celebs don't look as good as we think they do. Emma Watson is an exception, though!
1.Milla Kunis's Actual Face

Milla Kunis is a perfect example of how a little makeup can make a big difference. With makeup she's a lovely Hollywood starlet proudly strolling down a red carpet. Without it she looks like your little sister's best friend. The one you ignored all through high school and can barely recall today.

Milla Kunis's Actual Face-15 Celebrities With And Without Makeup

2.Kathy Griffin

Well, not all celebrities are gorgeous. Some of them look just okay, but they still manage to grow big in the entertainment industry because of their astonishing talent. Kathy Griffin is one such talented celebrity. She is not one of those Hollywood women who are known for their gorgeous beauty and voluptuous looks. Kathy Griffin looks average even with makeup on her face. What will happen if she does not wear makeup? Well, the standup comedian and decorated reality TV star does not look good at all. What do you think? Oh yes, she doesn't need to look beautiful to make us laugh, but we had to feature her because, well, this list is all about celebrities with and without makeup! 

Kathy Griffin-15 Celebrities With And Without Makeup

3.Kirstie Alley

As if her public battles with weight loss haven't been embarrassing enough, Kirstie Alley, with these pictures faces an uncomfortable reality: she's not so glamorous without makeup. Worse yet, is an even more uncomfortable reality: these days, she's not so glamorous with makeup either.

Kirstie Alley-15 Celebrities With And Without Makeup

4.Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is known as the star of a reality show that has launched her into international stardom. The makeup-less picture on the left exposes a pretty harsh reality: that a woman known only for being beautiful isn't so hot without her daily touch-up.

Kim Kardashian-15 Celebrities With And Without Makeup

5.Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson looks like a girl-next-door, without makeup. We mean she does not give us an impression that she is a celebrity when you see her in the 'without makeup' picture. Her facial expression wasn't right either. Thanks to a thick layer of makeup, she looks attractive in the picture on the right. Not just Jennifer Hudson, most female celebrities do not look good without their makeup. Makeup is what makes them the beauty icon we see on TV and Movie screens. Do you think Jennifer Hudson looks beautiful without makeup?

Jennifer Hudson-15 Celebrities With And Without Makeup

6.Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz has a smile that could light up a room and the bone structure of a Greek goddess. She may be the most beautiful of all Hollywood starlets. But I wouldn't recommend she spend much time without makeup if she hopes to hold on to that title.

Penelope Cruz-15 Celebrities With And Without Makeup

7.Paris Hilton

Well, many people think that Paris Hilton does not look good even with makeup! We must admit that she looks a little weird when you compare her with the other celebrities of her age. Infamous celebrity who made her sex tape is not gorgeous, and she is not ugly either. You can see Paris Hilton without makeup in the picture on the left. Do you think she looks good? We are not sure if you find her attractive or ugly, but we certainly did not find her attractive. She appears like a female version of McCauley Culkin!

Paris Hilton-15 Celebrities With And Without Makeup

8.Pamela Anderson

Famous blonde Pamela Anderson is 48 years old now. Most middle-aged women envy her perfectly toned body, youthful face, and magnificent hair! Their middle-aged husbands go mad at Pamela Anderson. Pamela Anderson indeed looks good in most photos, but have you ever seen her without makeup before? Well, check this picture and tell us how she is any different than a typical 40-ish woman! Boobs? Well, they were fake too. Pamela Anderson recently went through a surgical procedure to remove the implants, so the fake ones are gone as well! 

Pamela Anderson-15 Celebrities With And Without Makeup

9.Reese Witherspoon

Without making herself up before a night on the town Reese Witherspoon is kind of a mess. A cute little mess. But a mess just the same. That confident starlet's swagger we see on the right, without makeup becomes a desire to hide behind the nearest dumpster.

Reese Witherspoon-15 Celebrities With And Without Makeup

10.Gwyneth Paltrow

Without Makeup, Gwyneth Paltrow looks, let's just say, not very Gwyneth Paltrow-like. She still looks pretty and fresh-faced, but without the aid of cosmetics, she looks more like a waitress dating a guy named Oscar than a beloved Hollywood celebrity who's just won one.

Gwyneth Paltrow-15 Celebrities With And Without Makeup

11.Jennifer Aniston

Everybody's favorite friend, Jennifer Aniston, looks as gorgeous and perky without makeup as she does with it. Maybe she'd be better off going sans makeup to all public functions. If nothing else it'd be a nice change of pace from awards shows that look like a wax museum.

Jennifer Aniston-15 Celebrities With And Without Makeup

12.Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie lacks a bit of grace when caught without makeup, which is polite way of saying she she's kind of ratty looking without being done up. But as long as those lips stay as full and kissable without lipstick you won't hear many complaints from Brad.

Angelina Jolie-15 Celebrities With And Without Makeup

13.Emma Watson

Emma Watson is probably one of those health-conscious celebrities who take care of their health as well as natural beauty, She is a real beauty with brain girl. Even without makeup, she looks so beautiful. Although she is turning 26 this year(2016) April, if we compare her with all the celebrities who ruin their face with plastic surgeries and too much makeup she is an exception.

Emma Watson-15 Celebrities With And Without Makeup

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14.Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is still a pretty lady without makeup. All of the features that make her lovely are still there. She's just a lot less glamorous. With makeup she's ready for the Oscars. Without makeup she's on her way to White Castle.

Jennifer Lopez-15 Celebrities With And Without Makeup

15.Without makeup Madonna

With makeup Madonna is a Goddess. She emits an otherworldly glow befitting a worldwide star. Without makeup she's just another 56 year-old woman hoping to sneak into the bathroom for four or five hours to touch up her makeup before her neighbors seer her.

Without makeup Madonna-15 Celebrities With And Without Makeup



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